Why Optimal365™

Optimal365 - Experience HealthyWhat have you always DREAMED about doing if you were carrying less weight, thinner, and in better health? STOP and think about this for a minute before continuing to read…

What was on your list? This is at the heart of what we are all about at Optimal365™—helping our clients achieve their dreams. And with over a 90% success rate at both losing weight AND keeping it off, while reaching “Optimal Health”, we think we’re onto something! Here are just a few of the many “Dreams” our clients have shared with us on why they join our community and members…maybe some of them are your Dreams as well.

  • Being more active—ride a bike with friends, regular hikes with family, playing with your kids or grand-kids, etc.
  • Being able to wear all the great clothes you have that you couldn’t fit in the past several years
  • Being more physically attractive to your spouse or dates
  • Lowering your chances of a serious medical condition such as Heart Attack, Diabetes, Joint Replacements, etc.
  • Building your self-confidence
  • Helping your family eat better and be more healthy as well with you as the role model
  • …and many others


Our program is unique. We aren’t a “fad diet” program. We believe in giving you a “quick start” to lose some weight AND a “long solution” for your total health – we call it “Optimal Health” – and it’s unlike anything you have ever Experienced!

We don’t sell food, or magic powders to sprinkle on foods, or other “quick fix” programs that don’t have a lasting effect – we simply CHANGE LIVES…EVERYDAY! And we love doing it. And perhaps the most important part is that we never, ever, leave our clients behind after the program. We are always there for you. We provide you the resources so you can have fun and enjoy life 365 days a year—and achieve those DREAMS you always wanted!

If you want to learn HOW, stop in for a COMPLIMENTARY HEALTH ASSESSMENT – no risk, no commitments – our way of saying YOU MATTER to us. Regardless of whether you choose to join our community or not, you will leave more knowledgeable about your own health. Give us a call or send us a message to get something scheduled…we can’t wait to meet YOU!

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