“Why I Want to Lose Weight” Contest Rules

What a fun contest – everyone who participates wins something. If you are our one Weekly Winner, you get a FREE 60-DAY WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM valued at over $600. If you aren’t, you still have a chance to win during another week AND you get to have your story told to thousands who visit our website and social media channels! So enter today and let everyone hear your interesting story!

Here are just a few rules we have put in place to help make it fair and protect our participants and winners…

Contest runs for one week at a time. All entries received during the week, starting Monday morning at 8:00am PST and ending Sunday night at 12:00am PST, will be entered into that weeks contest. All entries will be judged and the prize awarded the following week.  At Optimal365’s discretion, an entry may be held over and entered into the contest of another week.

You may enter the contest as often as you wish, with each week starting a new contest.

Each person entering agrees that the information submitted to us can be used by Optimal365 without restriction. You agree to let us tell your story on any page on our website and on our social media and traditional media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, our Blog, radio advertisements, etc. We will also create a blog post about your story and share it on our website blog. Information, as described here, includes written text, audio, video, and any other means we choose to help share this with our audience.

Each Winner agrees to have us video them telling all or parts of their story within 2 weeks of them winning the contest. The Winner also gives Optimal365 full rights to use the video in promotional messages without obligation, including use on our website/blog, radio, all other forms of “traditional media”, and in all of our “social media channels”. Optimal365 has permission to use this information for unlimited time and with unlimited frequency.

If these rules are OK with you, simply click here “I WANT TO TELL MY STORY AND ENTER THE CONTEST” and it will take you to our Contest Entry Form.  Thank you and we can’t wait to hear your story…

NOTE: While we are able to complement are winners on the $600+ 60-day program, we will need to send you a 1099 form to file with your income taxes. Please be prepared to provide us with this information if you are selected as a winner. Thank you.

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