“WHY I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT” Contest Entry Form

So you want to LOSE WEIGHT FOR FREE?

Here is your chance! Simply tell us your story about WHY YOU WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT and you will automatically entered into our Weekly Contest where we are giving away a FREE 60-DAY OPTIMAL365 WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM worth over $600!!

What is motivating you to shed some pounds? What part of your life will change because you weigh less?

We want to hear your story about why losing weight is so important to you. Our clients tell us every day about the dreams they have, the activities they will be able to do, and the changes in their life it will make if they only weighed less!  These are emotional stories. It isn’t about saying, “Oh, I lost 50 lbs. isn’t that great?” What it is about is, “I am now able to climb Mt. Rainier, go on walks with my grandkids, go hiking, etc. – it is about doing things they may have only dreamed of if they just weighed less! And now, if you tell us your story, you have the chance to win a FREE 60-DAY OPTIMAL365 WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM worth over $600!!

Simply fill out the easy form below and tell us your story – that’s it and you are entered to WIN!! If you want to read about the RULES of the contest, just click here on RULES OF THE CONTEST and you can see the specific rules and restrictions, which aren’t many. So fill out the form below today, you could be on your way to losing the weight you want FOR FREE!!

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