When will “Common Sense” in the Weight Loss and Diet Industry prevail?

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Just how “gullible” are we these days? A LOT I guess would be the correct answer when it comes to weight loss and diet programs. I can’t imagine applying this level (or lack of) common sense to the rest of our lives – things would surely turn out badly.

Here is yet another story of a company, Sensa, that promised us the land of riches in the diet world without any effort. They failed. The premise is flawed. Let me ask you a question that I asked before I entered into this crazy industry. Before I invested in starting up a company in this overcrowded, confused, low results industry, I asked one question, “If there was just one of these “quick diet programs” that actually worked and returned a high rate of sustainable success, wouldn’t they simply eclipse everyone else and become dominant because everyone would use it?” Sadly, the answer seems to be NO, there isn’t one that fits this category.

The latest one to get exposed is Sensa, the magic crystals you sprinkle on your cheeseburger (or any other food you normally eat that’s bad for you) and by some miracle, you lose weight quickly.  I can’t tell you how many people questioned me about this product, coming in with the assumption it could really work.

As it turns out, the attorney General of California thought Sensa was too good to be true so he challenged the manufacturer to substantiate its performance claims.  Sensa produced two “scientific studies” that when scrutinized, were determined to be invalid.  The author of one of the studies actually had no scientific credentials to adequately qualify them to complete the required research.

The bottom line is still the same, DIETS DON’T WORK. But don’t lose sight of this just because a smaller player like Sensa got caught and lost credibility – this level of scrutiny should be applied to ALL diet companies and their claims.  All the major diet companies are coming under scrutiny because their programs are not generating long term sustainable weight loss.  The stats are unavoidable; Americans are the most obese people in the world and obesity is spreading in epidemic proportion in this country. Sad, but true.

So next time you say to yourself, “Boy, I really need to lose some weight, I need to go on a diet,” I hope somewhere in the back of your brain there is a tiny voice shouting, DIETS DON’T WORK – let’s find another solution that does and is sustainable to lose the weight. There are ways to do it safely and without the hype and disappointment.

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