Weight Management

Regardless of whether you have some extra weight to lose or you don’t, EVERYONE needs to manage their weight. It’s one of the ways we can optimize our health. And it’s one of the primary barriers people have on their journey to get healthier.

You may be one of the two-thirds of Americans who are overweight. If so, getting to a healthy weight simply adds an additional step in your Journey to Optimal Health. Once you achieve a healthy weight, your journey can now really get started…think of this as the “launching pad” to optimal health…and it will change your life forever!

NOTE: Weight Management IS NOT DIETING. The word dieting has nothing but negative written all over it…it’s a process designed for failure. Dieting is completely disruptive to your lifestyle, you’re going to be hungry, you can’t eat out and socialize easily, and on and on. That’s one of the many reasons DIETS DON’T WORK…so why put yourself through something that won’t work?

Never eat to lose weight, eat to be healthy. This is one of the biggest areas of failure when it comes to weight management. Diets make you eat in a way that might help you lose weight in the short run but usually isn’t healthy for you…nor do you want to eat this way the rest of your life! Never start eating something that you can’t eat for the rest of your life. Eating healthy will cause you to lose weight naturally and the right way and is the only way you can be healthy for life.

Optimal365 helps everyone on their Optimal Journey with weight management…it’s just a natural part of your journey to being healthy. But it needs to be designed with you specifically in mind…not some “one-size fits all” program…it has to fit your lifestyle. No two members have the same lifestyle so no two journeys will be the same. We guarantee your weight loss or your money back…it’s that simple and know it works! Our promise to you is that we won’t let you fail because we are with you every step of the way.

And if you need to lose some weight, we have our own proprietary spray you can use (optional) to accelerate weight loss in the beginning stages of your journey. We don’t sell it and you can’t buy it…we just give it to our members who work with our Optimal Health Coaches. The Optimal365 Oral Spray simply changes the way your body metabolizes fat, causing you to lose the “bad fat” first and leaving the healthy fat and muscle alone. The result is much faster and healthier weight loss that is completely synched up with your nutritional changes. Just ask us how it all works when you stop by sometime or when you get your HBL Evaluation or in a Seminar.

Summary of Optimal365 Weight Management philosophy and approach…

  • Delivers fast healthy weight loss for those who need it
  • Provides those who don’t need to lose weight a healthy way to eat
  • Is designed to fit your individual lifestyle
  • Allows unlimited access to your Optimal Health Coach
  • Uses natural foods you purchase from local markets (not some pre-packaged stuff)
  • Will NOT let you go hungry
  • Is NOT an exercise program
  • Provides a simple, common sense approach you will understand and use
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