Weight Loss is more expensive in Clinics than with Weight Watchers…REALLY?

There was an interesting article in TIME Magazine and the LA TIMES I referenced in my earlier post, “Time Magazine article on Weight Watchers Success misses the point…” that talked about a study done that supports the notion that Weight Watchers is in fact a better way to lose weight than a Clinical Solution. While my post focused on the fact they were both missing the key point, DIETS DON’T WORK, there was one other area that I feel needs to be called out in regard to dieting programs, regardless of whether it is Weight Watchers or any other program…COST!

As the CEO of a Weight Loss, Nutritional, and Healthy Living company, this one is particularly interesting to me because as Americans, we tend to get “sold a bill of goods” sometimes in a lot of areas in search for the “silver bullet” quick fix program – only to find out the actual or end cost is substantially higher than we would have ever paid, had we known. Diets are no different. The actual or end cost is rarely the true cost and as such, has people giving up or stopping the diet, only to end up back where they were or worse – only poorer.

I would recommend to you to look at this same article in TIME from the perspective of “total cost” and see if it makes sense on this level. Many feel the “clinical programs” are much more expensive than the Weight Watchers (or other canned diet programs). Weight Watchers claims to only be $10 per week – but is that the real cost? Look again. The article says Weight Watchers sells $5 Billion in products a year to 1.5 million members.  Including dues, that’s almost $85 a week so 48 weeks would cost about $4,000 (I don’t claim that these are the actual and exact numbers, just the ones available to use for comparison).  If this is actually the case, there is nothing cheap about the Weight Watchers program.

I would bet that if you were to walk up to anyone wanting to lose weight and said, On this “diet program”, not only is there a high likelihood you will gain all the weight back, or more, but it will actually cost you $85 a week instead of $10,” how many do you think would actually sign up? Not many is my guess.

Whether you use the Optimal365 “Experience Healthy” program or someone else’s, do yourself a favor and really check it out in two areas. First, will it create a behavioral change that allows you to not only keep the weight off but live healthier; and, what is the actual and total cost to get you where you want and can you afford this particular program based on your own personal economics? If you can answer both of these questions to your satisfaction, whether it’s a “canned program” or a “clinic”, then you are probably making a wise decision.

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  1. ahh ahh amazing I love your video. you made me so pmpued. I am so anxious about joining but I want to lose weight so so badly.  I tried to join today but silly me.. I didn’t check the hours that the weight watchers center was opened so it was closed today.. tomorrow i am going.. and I am so ready! watching you year video recap really inspired me 🙂 You look amazing by the way.. 🙂

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