We got it wrong…It isn’t about LESS, it’s about MORE

We all know the famous adage where “more is better than less” – only not when it comes to food, right? WRONG!

Unfortunately, over time we have been told by the big food manufacturers to believe their products are good and nutritious. It is hard to imagine how it could be better for our bodies than natural food when it is “manufactured” from many chemicals and other additives. It is a major contributor to why we are the most obese nation in the world. And here is where everyone get’s confused…how much can you eat?

If you are eating natural and highly dense nutrition food, you can eat a lot of it…and I mean a lot. Usually more than you want to eat. But when you translate this strategy to manufactured foods, the rule doesn’t work so well. Because the body had a very hard time breaking down and absorbing nutrition from manufactured foods, your body doesn’t get the nutrition it needs to run at peak performance. So the excess gets converted or stored as fat in hopes that it can be used sometime for energy. It doesn’t and so it just remains in your body…while it isn’t getting the nutrition it needs.

Our bodies end up storing all this fat and not getting the nutrition we need so people think that cutting back on the quantity is the answer. It can be…for a while…until your body is craving more nutrition and thus more food. If you ever wondered about the term “Yo-Yo Diet”, this is a major cause. It was coined because of one simple fact…DIETS DON’T WORK because they aren’t sustainable. Maybe a better way to put it…DIETS CAN WORK – THEY JUST DON’T LAST! You can certainly starve yourself into losing weight…for a short period of time.

But then your body’s craving for nutrition overcomes your starvation mechanism and you start eating again…usually a lot because your body is telling you it is deprived. So when you read reports that tell us most people will be on 10+ diets in their lifetime (sometimes more) and end up gaining more weight than when they started, it tells you something isn’t working.

Diets by definition mean “starving your body from something.” Ask 100 people and you will get at least 98 that agree with this definition. The real question is what happens when you aren’t starving your body from these foods any longer…you gain the weight back, and usually more, and become unhealthy again. So EATING LESS doesn’t have sustainability. Like the famous quote from Albert Einstein, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” That’s the definition for dieting.

But let’s talk about the EATING MORE part of this discussion. Eating more of the wrong foods gives you results we already know about – obesity. But eating MORE Nutrient-dense foods (vegetables, fruit, protein foods) actually allows your body to burn more and as a result, you get much more energy, your body gets incredibly healthy, and you lose the fat you didn’t want. Sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it – eat more, lose more. But it’s the way it works in our bodies. And they are also designed to eat more often. And when we eat high nutrient-dense foods it causes us to burn excess fat and lose weight…FOREVER!! No more Yo-Yo issue, no more starving, no more magic pills/dust, just the right food. Our bodies were built for this and the sooner you can help it get back to what it was designed to do, the healthier you will feel and become.

So this is when MORE is definitely GOOD for you. Stop starving and stop kidding yourself, the numbers and big food manufacturers are against you – you won’t win. There is just too much working against us in society for this to work any other way. Make the commitment and you will have only one regret…WHY DIDN’T I START THIS EARLIER!!

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