Tips and Tricks

One thing we get asked ALL THE TIME, “Do you have any TIPS and TRICKS you can share with me about ways to help me Experience Healthy and keep working towards more Optimal Health?

Of course we do! And just like everything else we do, we are happy to share whatever we can to help everyone on their journey. If any of these can help you feel better or improve your health, we have accomplished our objective of “Improving America’s Health.” And if you ever want to share a comment about any of our Tips and Tricks, we would love it if you would take a minute and share it with everyone. Simply click the “Comment” link under the Tip and Trick.

Here is our list of Tips and Tricks so far…new ones will be coming out regularly so check back often.

#1  – Detox your Fridge

#2  – Eat more VEGGIES – Try to Eat at Least a Third RAW

#3  – Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate – DRINK YOUR WATER

#4 – No More SUGAR

#5 – Protein -The Meat of it!

#6 – Word to the Wise – You NEED FAT

#7 – Navigating the Menu and Your New BFF, The Waiter

#8 – Join the Smoothie Revolution – Tastes Great and Fully Optimized

#9 – Optimizing your Health might already be A Way of Life…or maybe not yet!

#10 – Coffee…Friend or Foe?

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