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  • Your own Complimentary PERSONAL HEALTH ASSESSMENT – go online or call us at 866-605-0566
  • Your own OPTIMAL HEALTH ANALYSIS – complete the Analysis below to get your own Optimal Ranking
  • One Complimentary admission for you and a friend to attend an OPTIMIZED COOKING CLASS – learn how to prepare “Optimized Recipes
  • If you start one of our PROGRAMS, you get one extra month in our MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM at no cost


START by taking our quick and simple Health Analysis so you can see immediately where you rank in the area of Optimal Health and your Risks. It’s easy and simple.

Next to each of the statements below, RANK YOURSELF the way you honestly feel about this particular area today…be honest with yourself for the most accurate Analysis. Rank each statement on a scale of 0 – 10. A “0” means you are VERY DISSATISFIED, a “5” means you are OK with where you are, and a “10” means you are EXTREMELY HAPPY with where you are TODAY. Don’t over think this, just put down your “gut level” feeling of where you feel you would honestly rank in these areas. Go for it…fill in the blanks…

  1. Current Weight   _____
  2. Existing Medical Conditions   _____
  3. Current Blood Pressure   _____
  4. Your Libido (sex life)   _____
  5. Overall Appearance/Image   _____
  6. Your Skin (tone, texture, spots, etc.)   _____
  7. Willingness to be photographed the way you currently look   _____
  8. Your Confidence Level   _____
  9. How you feel about yourself Naked   _____
  10. Your Current Energy Level on a daily basis   _____
  11. Your level of Alertness and Clarity   _____
  12. Quality of your Sleeping   _____
  13. Current level of Physical Activity   _____
  14. Current level of any Pain (joints, muscle, etc.)   _____
  15. Your current “dimensions” (inches around waist, chest, thighs, etc.)   _____

NEXT…we want to analyze your scores for how you feel about your “Optimal Health.” Add up all the numbers you put in the spaces (probably grab the calculator for this one) and then divide the total number by 15.

Write down YOUR number here   _____

RESULTS…based on the number you just wrote down, here is how you can quickly score your Optimal Health Analysis. We have a much more detailed analysis we can go through with you if you decide to participate in our program but this will give you a quick snapshot of your Optimal Health.

  • A Score of 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4 = you are at HIGH RISK for your overall health and immediate attention is highly recommended
    • You are LOW on the Optimal Health Index
  • A Score of 5, 6, 7 or 8 = you are at MEDIUM RISK for your overall health but should act soon before this drifts into the high risk category
    • You are AVERAGE on the Optimal Health Index
  • A Score of 9 or 10 = you are at LOW RISK for your overall health and well on your way to Optimal Health…Congratulations!
    • You are HIGH on the Optimal Health Index
  • NOTE: Regardless of your Overall Score, we highly recommend you review your individual scores for each of these questions. For example, you might have an overall score of a 6 which puts you in the Medium Risk category, but if you answered a lot of questions  in the range of “0 – 4” those are specific areas of High Risk and should be dealt with immediately, regardless of the overall score.

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