Thanksgiving Dinner Feast…Optimized

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year!

It is a time to celebrate all we are thankful for with family, friends, and other welcome guests. As a tradition, this has been done around the dinner table where there is lots of good food (our bounty in the older days) and lots of good conversation and laughs. This should continue and still be the central part even if you are on the Optimal365 program and losing weight. No need to stop the celebration just because of the food. And we’re not talking about starving yourself and not eating – to the contrary – we want our Optimal365 Members to thoroughly enjoy the day as well. But how? What can I eat that’s on the program? Traditional Thanksgiving food looks like it isn’t what I should be eating. WAIT…there is an answer – and a yummy one at that!

We have OPTIMIZED THANKSGIVING  for you by putting together a selection of recipes (including the famous turkey) so you too can feast on this special day. And this isn’t that tasteless packaged food or a square inch of turkey – nope – it is the whole meal and as much as you want to eat!! So here is our feast – use all or some of it but this will get heads turning for sure when they see how good you can eat on your way to Optimal Health.


Let’s start, of course, with THE TURKEY. What Thanksgiving would be complete without a turkey dish? We have a wonderful Citrus Turkey Brine that is mouthwatering! The recipe is on our Recipe page so you can see exactly how to make it. It will be the hit of the party. It is moist. It is tender. It is super flavorful. And it is easy to prepare.




Cranberry Sauce Recipe



And what turkey feast would it be without CRANBERRIES to go with the turkey? So we have a tart and flavorful Cranberry side dish to complement your turkey.




One of the main side dishes for Thanksgiving is potatoes. Not very optimized. We have a great alternative that will have many guests asking to have instead of their potatoes – CAULIFLOWER AND GREEN ONION MASH. It is to die for and is if you didn’t tell anyone it was cauliflower, they wouldn’t know – so don’t tell them! Let them taste it’s creamy texture and flavor and then tell them how healthy it is.




What Thanksgiving would be complete without an assortment of vegetables? We have a couple of award winners, starting with ROASTED VEGETABLES. This is such a crowd pleaser because there are so many fresh veggies in here and it is totally healthy and nutritious. Check out the recipe and you will be amazed how good it will make you look with this dish sitting next to that awesome Turkey!



Green Beans with Carmelized Onions



Add another famous Thanksgiving Day side dish – GREEN BEANS WITH CARMELIZED ONIONS. What a healthy and flavorful way to have a vegetable! You will love this and will serve it far more often than just Thanksgiving. The onions complement the green beans and once again it is Optimized for you and very healthy.




Want a salad to complement the meal? Try KALE AND BRUSSELS SPROUT SALAD. Wait, before you go telling us you don’t like either kale or brussels sprouts, you have to give this a try. The way this is prepared will shock you! Even the kids thought this was a great salad when they didn’t know what was in it. Give it a shot – you might be surprised and just how great these two powerful greens can work together.



Deviled Eggs with Paprika



And don’t forget a few appetizers! One of the most popular and something you can have that is optimized for Thanksgiving is DEVILED EGGS WITH PAPRIKA – yum! They are a favorite for every age group, especially the grandparents. So make plenty as they will go fast and you don’t want to run 0ut, eggs are very affordable so make a bunch.



Fresh Fruit Cobbler


Now for the good stuff! DESSERT – FRESH FRUIT COBBLER – yum! This will not only add a very festive dessert to any Thanksgiving but the smell of it cooking will turn any house into a fall spectacular…and it’s very healthy. Even if it isn’t Thanksgiving, this is a treat you will want to enjoy all winter long.






But wait…we have one more surprise for you that everyone will want for DESSERT – SUGAR-ROASTED PLUMS! This is a definite crowd pleaser and so easy to make they will think you slaved in the kitchen for hours. It goes with any meal including Thanksgiving.


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