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The story of Optimal365™ isn’t about us, it’s about the people who believe in what we do and when they participate, they don’t just lose weight and get healthier, they ACHIEVE THEIR DREAMS! That is what we are really in the business to provide to our clients, a path that just makes good sense and helps them achieve their dreams. While we can’t share every story from the hundreds of clients we have, we wanted to at least share a few to let you hear how they reached their dreams by being part of the Optimal365™ Healthy Community. We hope you can relate and feel their passion as they tell their own story…

prelim274JESSICA RIGGS – When I was a little girl, I dreamed of being a model. I was always told I was too short to model, and would not be successful. That is one of the reasons I decided to try pageantry. I love being on camera, taking pictures, and using my eyes to convey an emotion through film. I thought that a modeling career was just simply a pipe dream, but secretly I never gave up that dream.Being able to achieve my dream and be crowned Mrs. Washington 2012 was seeing my dream come true. before

Competing in a beauty pageant can be a huge motivator to lose weight. Walking on a stage in heels and a swimsuit is scary all by itself, but when you have a few extra pounds out there jiggling around, it can be down right terrifying!  As Mrs. Washington 2012 that was the main reason (at first) I wanted to lean out and sculpt my body to prepare for my national competition. I have never been obese, and most people would say I didn’t need to lose weight, but I would say back to them “yeah, but you haven’t seen me naked”! I was very self conscious of my body and my weight. I would use clothing to hide my chub, but as I mentioned, I was  self-conscious being intimate with my husband. Our sex life was not the greatest because of my modesty.

As I got leaner for my competition, I noticed two things: One being that my sex life greatly improved. I am married to my high school sweetheart, so needless to say we didn’t hdarkhairave a lot of experience. As my body changed, I became less inhibited and found a whole new level of intimacy with my husband. Now he would say we could of had that before the weight loss, but I disagree. I could not be comfortable with my body until I lost 20 pounds. The funny thing was that I had no idea that was an issue until I became lean and fit. I felt so much better about myself, and it gave me the confidence I always projected to others but never truly had. The second thing I noticed was having “real” confidence. It gcarol3901ave me the courage to go after some modeling jobs. I got the first one I tried out for and then after that the opportunities kept coming! I have been featured all over Seattle, appearing on New Day Northwest, the cover of Pacific Pageants Magazine’s fitness issue in a BIKINI!! What??! And I also had the pleasure of doing some runway work. In my wildest dreams I would have never thought any of this would have been possible. It wouldn’t have if it weren’t for my weight loss so I could achieve my dream.

I am so thankful to Optimal365™ for helping me optimize my confidence and courage by aiding me in losing weight. While I am not the current Mrs. Washington, I am still a wife, mother, business owner and now I can say a MODEL! I can’t tell you how great it is to be living your dreams! 

rh2RANDY I suffered from chronic back pain, sleep deprivation, and extreme stress. I was desperate to lose weight but wasn’t able to do it on my own. Two months before my 49th birthday, I walked into an Optimal365™ clinic weighing in at 315 lbs. I was hopeful, but skeptical, about what I might be told. The Health Specialist was very knowledgeable, genuine, and sincere.
The program sounded very do-able and nutritional, therefore, I made the decision to get started and invest in my health. I ate a nutrient dense food plan consisting of organic foods and never felt hungry, ever! I didn’t have to count calories, weigh food, or purchase pre-packaged food. I could even still eat the steak & egg special at my favorite restaurant which was a staple for me. I was making my own meals and saving a ton of money from not eating out as often as I did. The food was delicious and I never felt deprived of anything. rh1

Initially, I saw dramatic weight loss, but didn’t get too excited as I figured it was just water weight. Every day, however, I was down a pound or more. By day 30 I was 37 lbs. lighter! I have a friend who had weighed 484 lbs. and opted for gastric bypass surgery. When I talked to him two months into the program, I was down 62 lbs. He informed me that he hadn’t even lost that much with his surgery that cost $17,000.

Optimal365™ is about Real People, Real Food, and Real Results. The staff is incredibly kind, caring, and professional. They supported me throughout the whole process and I couldn’t be happier with my weight loss and my decision to do this ‘miracle’ program. I never felt hungry, didn’t have cravings, and will power was not necessary to follow the plan as I was eating 5 times a day. I feel much better and have a lot more energy.

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