Our Story…


There is immense gratification in helping people improve their quality of life. It is also very gratifying to see people reaching their dreams and getting to do things they either never could do or haven’t done for quite a while—now I get to do both!

When I relocated to the Pacific Northwest in 2009 I wanted to get involved in a small business opportunity that was health and wellness related. Why the focus on health and wellness? I have always been interested in this area both from a personal level and because of some previous businesses I operated. To further motivate me, the following year I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

My research taught me that 68% of people in the U.S. are either overweight or obese—one of the leading causes of adult diabetes in addition to diet. Americans spend over $60 billion a year on weight loss and it doesn’t seem to be solving the problem. In fact, the data shows the problem is getting worse at record pace—and I wanted to do something about this problem. Our nation is basically eating itself to death; I used to be one of those statistics!

But there was more to this than just being overweight and unhealthy. It doesn’t allow people to do the things they generally only dream about doing. They can’t go on hikes, ride bikes, play with their children or grandkids, and a litany of other such activities. This is sad and repairable, if they get themselves on a balanced program that isn’t all about diet. Diets don’t work. They are a yo-yo for most people with no sustainable results. This is where I found my answer…

My personal vision was for a program that included weight loss, detoxification, long-term optimal health through nutrition, and an in-house exercise center for people who hate exercise. This combination of essential components is what led to the creation of Optimal365™. “Optimal365™”, and our slogan, “Experience Healthy” beautifully describe the vision for our clients’ potential to reestablish their health at an optimal level and live that way for a lifetime. I believe we have built this model and from what our clients tell me, IT WORKS and is sustainable, 365 days a year! I hope you get a chance to at least learn more about it and see how my vision is now a reality.

Larry Stout

Founder and CEO

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