Special Event Dinners

Several times a year it is great to bring family and friends together and celebrate over a meal. The meal has been the center point for many generations as a way to bring people together to share and celebrate a particular holiday or season. Because we know how important these family meals are, we don’t want to stop them or cause someone to fix something no one would eat—we want to have a FEAST and CELEBRATE!

So we have gone against tradition of many and believe you can have an awesome meal and feast and still optimize it for you and everyone else. Optimization is the key and with the right preparation, no one will know the difference, except you of course. So we have cooked and cooked and come up with some very exciting and yummy meals that even the most discerning guests will find delightful.

So what holidays have we included and prepared an entire meal for? Here is the list – and it’s growing all year long…

Super Bowl Appetizers and Dinner

Christmas Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner


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