What is a Protocol? And why do we use a word that seems so formal?

A “protocol” is nothing more than a set of rules or a code of behavior. At Optimal365™ we use the word to describe four different systems, each with its own set of procedures that our clients follow:

  1. Weight Loss Protocol

  2. Candida Protocol

  3. Oxytox Protocol

  4. Optimizing (Eating Plans) Protocol

As you’ve read this website or interacted with us, we hope you’ve noticed that we at Optimal365™ are all about having fun! We believe this attitude is important in making your journey towards Experiencing Healthy as painless and enjoyable as possible. But don’t be fooled: we’re never frivolous about your health. We take our processes and products very seriously. Each of these procedural protocols helps us meet our patients’ needs professionally and consistently. And the protocols help you know exactly what to expect from us.

While we are not your primary care physician, we are happy to have your provider monitor your process at Optimal365™ with our medical clinicians. Our medical staff will be monitoring you throughout the duration of your journey towards Experiencing Healthy and living optimally. If you or your physician ever wants to review product-specific documentation and reference materials, they are available upon request at our clinic locations.

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