Oxytox - part of Optimal365 - Experience HealthyOptimize your DETOX – the Optimal365™ method to unclog and restore

Even if you don’t need to lose any weight, EVERYONE needs to “unclog and restore” their system. If you do need to lose some extra weight, this is absolutely the best place to begin your journey. And we’re not talking about some weird concoction of cleanses. We’re talking about a healthy and natural way to DETOX your system.

We have created a unique solution using whole food, anti-inflammatory foods, and foods that are least likely to create allergic reactions that can inadvertently cause your body to hang on to unwanted fat and toxins.

Let’s get started by first defining what “Detox” really means.  When you hear this word, what does it conjure up in your mind? Probably treatments such as colon cleansing, fasting, juicing, elixirs of lemons, maple syrup and cayenne, or a host of other detoxing programs.   Detox is often synonymous with a harsh, mostly radical, NOT pleasurable means to an end.  Ditch that mindset!

Now, get ready to “Optimize your Detox“!  Everyone benefits from the way we approach detox…even if you have already detoxed. If you follow our approach, you will Optimize your Detox and be moving closer to Optimizing your Life. IT’S ALL ABOUT EATING!   Please feel free to ask us any questions you have along the way – either in person when you stop in or through our e-mail system or by phone. We are always here to help…To read more about Eating Your Way to DETOXED, download the article here.

If you would like to learn more about our “natural and healthy” Detox approach in person, click the button below and schedule your own, private, and FREE HEALTH ASSESSMENT – no obligation, just information.

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