Oxytox Protocol

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OXYTOX – unclog and restore

Whether you need to simply “detox” and improve eating habits, add healthy supplementation to your nutrition regime or you need to lose weight, we begin by cleaning up your eliminatory system. We have created a unique plan that emphasizes whole food, anti-inflammatory foods and foods that are least likely to create allergic reactions that can inadvertently cause your body to hang on to unwanted fat and toxins.

During the Oxytox program you will eliminate toxins and regulate eliminatory functions. We use our OptiCleanse Plus made with rice, pea and chlorella protein. This delicious tasting, comprehensive cleansing formula provides biologically active vitamins and minerals with specialty nutrients to support detoxification. This product is a low allergen base that serves as a balanced meal supplement during this course of the Oxytox program. You will utilize our simple food list filled with low glycemic fruits and vegetables as well as lean meats and fishes.

The Optimal 365 Oxytox program is unique, as we do not ask you to purchase pre-packaged foods or count calories or drink only liquids. You will be able to purchase and prepare your food from the grocery store. Our staff will support and guide you through this transformation to healthy eating.

You will receive guidance and support from the Optimal365 Medical Clinician and Health Consultant at two appointments in our clinic or via TeleCLINIC (for clients out of area). The Optimal365 supplementation you will need to maximize detoxification during the 8-day protocol may be used for continued health, you will be receiving approximately 30 days use of each product. 

Supplementation Included in Oxytox Protocol:
Optimal365 OptiCleanse Plus
Optimal365 Balance DF Probiotic
Optimal365 B-12
Optimal365 BioLax
Ultra Fiber Plus

The Optimal365 team will provide you with a detailed list of the foods that are allowed and what is to be avoided during your Oxytox protocol. We will also provide a sample menu and provide you with recipes to simplify your process.

During your Optimal365 Oxytox, you will record all of your meals, supplements, water intake, sleep patterns, bowel movements, and note anything of concern in your optimal365 detox tracker. You will be reviewing your tracker with our Medical Clinician.

Upon completion of your Optimal365 Oxytox program, talk with your Health Consultant to determine what your next steps may be towards Optimizing your life and Experiencing Healthy!

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