Optimizing - part of Optimal365 - Experience HealthyWhen you have everything in balance, your body can be Optimized for Optimal Health.

The harsh reality is that our bodies are bombarded daily with environmental toxins, pathogens and stress both external and internal. By working with our innovative nutraceutical suppliers, we have designed protocols for weight management, fitness, and hormonal balance. With the direction of your health specialist, wellness coach and Med Team you’ll learn to eat nutrient dense and whole foods. You’ll have access to customized labs to identify such issues as food allergies. As you check in with your regular primary care provider, and specialists you’ll begin to manage your health concerns with a collaborative mindset.

With Optimize, you chose your membership/participation level and we assist you in designing your long-term sustainability program. Because membership presents you with certain privileges, you will find regular perks to include invitation only events, cooking classes, discounts and more.

Optimizing is essentially pulling all the pieces together but creating an ongoing, 365 days a year, program so you can continue to Experience Healthy at your own Optimal level. A big part of this is what you put in your body. Your nutrition and eating plans are critical to your 365 success.

We have some a suggested Optimizing Protocol for you to consider as a starting point for helping you maintain your Optimal Health.


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