Optimizing your Health might already be A Way of Life…or maybe not yet!

A tip or trick to one person may simply be a way of life for another! But either way, there are some valuable ways to “get optimized” when it comes to your health.

If you already have food allergies, you are hopefully implementing some of these optimizing tactics in your life.  I personally have celiac disease and have been “optimizing” my food for many years, I hardly even think about it.  Whether your goal is to lose some extra weight or just get your body into a healthy state (most people are far from that even if they don’t have extra weight to lose) these are some things to consider and implement. It is all part of our Journey to Optimal Health and helping you Experience Healthy.

A big underlying factor most people need to come to grips with is REMOVING the chemicals, the processed foods, the sugar, the gluten ,and the NON FOOD (which is the majority of food we find in the food store…an oxymoron don’t you think) that is disguised as “food” from your life. If you just did this, you would be amazed at how great you would feel. We hear this from our Health Coaches at Optimal365™ every day. For the first time in their life they are actually seeing the improvement in Energy, Activity, Complexion, Pain, and a host of other things…and they are losing a bunch of weight in the process. How cool is that…

Healthy eating and “optimizing” food have become a way of life for me and many others. Confession time…I humbly admit that I struggle with plenty of bad habits just like all of you may be right now. Meal planning is at the top of my list (yes, unfortunately there is a list!).  I personally seek out the fabulous habits of my uber organized friends and colleagues for tricks to simplify my meal planning – because without proper planning, there are too many obstacles to detour is in our daily lives. I also am a classic “meal skipper” and need help from others remembering to eat, and EAT MORE.  That’s right, I am overweight and a hideous meal skipper! The irony, right?!

In my journey towards Optimal Health I have found that I am not alone and meal skipping is as harmful to weight gain as over indulging.  While these may be mine, there are areas that everyone needs to work on and planning for success means tapping into resources and claiming victory over bad habits.  Finding resources to support and inspire you is one of the keys to success on the road to Optimal Health. This is why we are all part of the “Optimal Health Community” – when you find a great resource, share it with your friends in the community, including me!  If something is a struggle for you, it is a struggle for many!  A great start to finding inspiration is the Resource page at Optimal365.com. And when you find a resource, a story, or some tips and tricks – please share them on our Share your Tips and Tricks page on our site.

Karen LynneWe are delighted by the feedback we have been receiving on our weekly Tips & Tricks. Karen Lynne Sandstedt Knaup, a super star Optimal365™ client, wrote to me and wanted to share some fantastic tips and tricks after reading Navigating the Menu and Your New BFF, The Waiter. Optimizing is a way of life and a fabulous habit to adopt whether you are an Optimal365™ client or simply a fan! Her suggestions are SPOT ON and inspiring!  Here is just a piece of what she shared with us this past week…

“I just read the dining tips email. My husband has been a chef for 25 years, and they are more than happy (and quite used to) making accommodations for special dietary needs. Here are some tips of my own: don’t look at the menu as a list of entree choices, look at it as a list of ingredients. For instance, at a restaurant recently, I asked for the grilled salmon, and asked for a double helping of the garlic green beans (that were offered with a different entree) prepared with olive oil instead of butter. My Mexican restaurant go-to meal: fajitas with a big bowl of lettuce in lieu of the rice, beans and tortillas. For garnish, I ask them to keep the guac and sour cream, but bring extra pico and I use salsa for dressing. I throw the fajitas on the lettuce–voila! Oh, and with an Optimizer, a diabetic, and 2 chef’s kids who always have special requests, we are always sure to tip well!”

Thank you, Karen Lynne!  Your tips are awesome and so are you!  You can read and see of Karen Lynne’s success story on our Client Success Stories page.

We love to know and share what is working for you- ALL OF YOU!  Share your story with us…

Enjoy!   Indulge! Buon Appetito!


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