Optimal Health Seminar

HEALTH…it’s a simple word that is confusing to just about everyone. When we ask people what they think “being healthy” is, it’s clear their is a lot of confusion on this topic.

So we came up with a Seminar (actually, there will be a variety of them) to help everyone get a better handle on what “being healthy” really means and to clear up a lot of the confusion over this topic. Here are just a few of the things we will help you get a better handle on in our Optimal Health Seminar…

  • How does your body define “optimal health”
  • Why is it different for everyone
  • What are the 5 critical components of Optimal Health
  • Where does exercise fit in…or does it
  • How can I start being healthier tomorrow…3 simple steps
  • Why “Being Healthy” is much easier than what others might have you thinking

These seminars are designed FOR INFORMATION ONLY. As with everything we do…there is absolutely, positively no sales pitch as part of these seminars. In fact, you can’t buy anything from us during a seminar even if you ask…that’s not what they are for…just information to help you get healthier.  We offer these simply as a way to get the “right information” in your hands…because it helps us achieve our Vision of “Improving America’s Health.”

We GUARANTEE you will walk away thinking differently about “being healthy” and you will have a much clearer understanding of what it can mean to you and how you can make changes in your life TODAY! Whether you decide you need a personal health coach or you can make changes on your own is always up to you…we just want you to be on the right path! And you can’t get on the right path if you don’t have the right information…we can give you that. We hope to see your smile at one of our seminars…

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