Optimal Communities

Communities are everywhere. While some communities are physical places, many communities are virtual, built around websites and social media. A community is simply a gathering place for people with common interests, goals, and passions about the same thing.

It’s always easier and more fun to take on challenges and changes when you have others close by that are doing it with you.That’s why we created Optimal Communities…”places” (both physical and virtual) where people can come together and help each other learn, get support, share experiences together, and have some FUN! It’s a key part in how we believe everyone can help each other improve their own health and that of their fellow members.

In a community, your passion for the same things allow you to share, exchange ideas, help one another when needed, offer advice to each other, share experiences and stories, and most of all, create a bond around your similar interests. For example, our local Resource Center is set up like a coffee shop with a Family Room and Patio where you can just drop in, hang out, and enjoy the company of others. There are always free smoothies and something healthy to munch on while you chat with others, visit our “loaner library”, or just use our free WiFi. Our Seminars also provide a great  opportunity to meet and get to know others who are interested in their health and may be on a Journey of their own.

Our blogs and social media channels can also provide a wealth of information and a chance to chat, engage, and keep in touch with the communities and their members. We know these will create some “buzz” so we encourage you to participate in as many as you want…the more the merrier!

Our community is based around one primary common interest—Experiencing Healthy! You’ll see those words often at Optimal365™. Experience Healthy is not just a slogan or tagline:  it’s a way of life, and an expression of what you want to become. But most of us will never get there if we remain isolated. The Journey toward Experiencing Healthy can be a challenge…so each of us need people around us to support us along both the peaks and valleys. We each need a community of like-minded people…people who share our passionate desire to Experience Healthy.

We want you to join our Optimal365™ communities! Connect with old and new friends via our social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and our soon to be released “specialty blogs” that will be even more focused on specific areas of interest to you.

Engage. Participate. Share. Encourage. Celebrate.

Those are the elements that make a community successful. We promise if you do join our communities that you will make some great relationships and you’ll completely change your life as you Experience Healthy. If you aren’t sure how to exactly get involved in some of these areas, just ask any Optimal365 employee and they can show you how to get the most out of the Optimal365™ communities. We look forward to seeing you around the “neighborhood!”


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