The Optimal365 Weight Loss Program

Offdiet - part of Optimal365 - Experience HealthyHow would you like to stop dieting and start losing weight?

The simple fact is that DIETING DOESN’T WORK! Too many people discover this fact the hard way! But with Optimal365™, finally there is something that does work!

Our Optimal365™ clients routinely report average weight loss up to 1 pound per day. Think how wonderful that would be! Our unique all-natural FDA-registered formula specifically balances your body’s hormones and glands in order to reduce fat storage. With our program, unlike most others, you won’t need to drastically restrict your calorie intake. You’ll lose weight without dieting.

The Optimal365™ Weight Loss program is medically supervised and includes regular weekly consultation with our clinical staff. At Optimal365™, we work with you to change how you eat and what you eat. We help you get to the systemic, underlying causes of your lifelong battle with that hard-to-lose fat.

Do you want to live on a diet for the rest of your life in order to try to maintain normal body fat levels? Of course not! Nevertheless, you know that sustainable weight loss is critical to your long term health. So what’s the solution? With Optimal365™ you’ll replace bad eating habits with good habits. You’ll gain a whole new perspective on the role food plays in your daily life. And when you combine Optimal365™’s Weight Loss solution with a nutrient dense diet of regular food purchased from your local market, you’ll feel better than you ever thought possible! You will…

  • Lose weight quickly and safely
  • Feel good and look healthy
  • Feel satisfied, not hungry
  • Lose inches and feel fit and trim
  • Experience no side effects or drug symptoms
  • Avoid a tiring, unpleasant regimen of required exercise.

And here is even better news: compare the cost of the Optimal365™ Weight Loss plan with major diet programs on the market and you’ll discover that our programs cost less per pound lost than any comparable diet. Why waste money? Remember, diets don’t work! But The Optimal365™ Weight Loss Program does.

Optimal365 offers the following Weight Loss plans:

  • Our 30 Day Plan – Only $449
  • Our 30 Day Plan PLUS an additional month of Membership – $506
  • Our “Best Value” 60 Day Plan – Just $649

Optimal365 Classes (Starting July 11th – more coming soon!)

  • How to “Optimize” any RECIPE and make it HEALTHY – Only $60/person
    • Classes are limited to 25 people to allow for discussion and questions
    • Class schedule (additional classes may be added based on demand)
      • September 24th – Bellevue Clinic
      • October 1st – Bellevue Clinic
      • October 15th – Bellevue Clinic
      • October 29th – Bellevue Clinic
  • Cooking Healthy food for your Kids that they will LOVE – Only $60/person
    • Classes are limited to 25 people to allow for discussion and questions
    • Class schedule (additional classes may be added based on demand)
      • October 8th – Bellevue Clinic
      • October 22nd  – Bellevue Clinic

Both plans include all products required for weight loss plus unlimited consultations with our clinical staff. We also offer an outstanding selection of nutritional supplements for our clients to purchase as individual needs require. All Optimal365 products and supplement are 100% natural and are blended using only FDA registered ingredients.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of people who are finding success with the Optimal365™ Weight Loss Program and  “Experiencing Healthy”!

Too far away from our clinics to come in? Use TeleCLINIC!

Read more about our Weight Loss Solution in our  Weight Loss Protocol. It is a safe, effective, all natural solution to consistent, rapid weight loss.

Products do not contain hCG.

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