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Offdiet - part of Optimal365 - Experience HealthyWEIGHT LOSS – stop dieting

To get your body to the starting line of experiencing healthy you may need to lose some weight. Many of our clients have tried a myriad of programs and feel like nothing will work. The Weight Loss Solution is Optimal365™’s safe and effective weight loss protocol and we are addressing weight gain at the systemic level so that this time you will be able to maintain the loss. We work closely with each client as we help them to transition their eating.

In order for people to metabolize fat properly we need to look at some of the systemic issues that are keeping and causing our clients to gain weight and our inability to lose it!  Contributing factors include inflammation, food allergies, chronic illness, medications, poor eating habits, lack of appropriate exercise etc.

Long term sustainability is a significant element of our program.  It takes commitment and proper coaching to transition people to a healthy, sustainable body weight and most importantly, to maintain it.

In conjunction with our protocol for weight loss (which includes eating a diet packed with low glycemic fruits and vegetables, lean protein and healthy oils), high quality supplements are utilized as necessary.

We educate and coach our clients to eliminate the major culprits of inflammation: sugar, dairy, gluten, artificial flavors and sweeteners, high fat and processed foods. The focus is on eating a diet packed with low glycemic fruits and vegetables, lean protein and healthy oils along with our all-natural supplements that restore balance. Rather than measuring foods, purchasing pre-packaged foods, and counting calories, we ask that clients eat 4-6 times a day from the approved foods list. This is very much about changing habits. People struggling with weight generally don’t eat enough and definitely not of the right kinds of food. This weekly participation and addressing underlying issues that contribute to obesity are the reasons our clients maintain healthy weights after completion of program.

Here is our three-phased approach to combating obesity.

Phase 1 – OxyTox – Eliminate and Detox

Educate clients regarding foods to remove from diet, regulating bowel movements, reducing inflammation. Utilize Optimal365™ BioLax, Optimal365™ BioCleanse Plus, Probiotics and Fiber if needed. This is tailored to the individual client and only as needed.

Phase 2 – Weight Loss Solution – Stop Dieting and Start Losing the Weight with Nutrient Dense Eating & Supplementation

We provide lists of whole foods, fiber content, glycemic index as well as recipes and shopping lists from local grocery stores like Safeway, Whole Foods, QFC, Trader Joes, PCC.

Every program includes the following supplements to aid in weight loss:

  • Optimal365™ Advantage Spray
    Ingredients support the resetting of the hypothalamus, eliminating toxins, managing and regulating blood sugar, supporting metabolic functions and controlling appetite and reducing cravings
  • Optimal365™ UltraLean Thermo MAX
    Appetite and energy support
  • Optimal365™ B12
    High quality Methylcobalamin B-12 to increase energy levels and promote memory cognition as it increases metabolism

Phase 3 – Optimizing – Maintaining Nutritional Balance

As clients move into Phase 3 they have acquired the tools to maintain the weight they have lost. Over the course of the program, clients are learning about HOW to eat properly. They are making the connection between what they are eating and how they feel. Most importantly, they are accountable to a support staff that cheers them through the process.  As clients move into their Maintenance Phase, they have the tools to maintain the weight they have lost and move forward.

You will learn:

  • How to choose, cook and eat  a nutrient dense, whole food diet
  • How to understand anti-inflammatory and anti- allergen eating for your specific body type
  • How to eat more

Most people think that to lose weight they must eat very little and restrict calories.  However, eating nutrient dense, whole, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergens foods allows far more intake than you’d think!

Clients meet weekly with a clinician as they:

  • Review their detailed food journal
  • Receive weight & measurement checks
  • Receive BP, BMI & body fat checks
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