Now that we have you ADDICTED…can we be friends?

270px-Coca_Cola_liter_bottle_label.svgThe recent announcement by Coca-Cola to slash advertising of their sugary products to children feels a bit like the cigarette industry years ago – now that we have you addicted to our products, we want to be your friend and stop advertising to you. Sorry Coca-Cola, the horse has left the barn…now it doesn’t matter if you close the gate or not, damage done!

In a recent announcement by Coca-Cola, an article, “Coca-Cola Vows to Reduce Advertising to Children,” was published in AdvertisingAge about their decision to reduce their ad spend because of the focus on the rising obesity rates in children. This literally smells (no pun intended) like the announcement from cigarette companies many years ago to reduce their advertising overall. Didn’t do much to smoking rates of those who were already addicted and a child watching their parents smoke (or drink Coke) is their best form of advertising anyway.

So was it their benevolent nature that caused them to rethink their ad budget? I think not. Could it have anything to do with First Lady Michelle Obama being on the warpath against childhood obesity? Could it have anything to do with President Bill Clinton joining the bandwagon against Obesity in this country? Or could it be the new changes in health care being put into place next year that are going to force people to be healthier or they won’t be getting insured by their companies or paying a lot for it? ALL OF THE ABOVE is my guess…

Who will be the next “benevolent” company to announce such a generous gesture? Will it come from the fast food industry, the fried food bonanza, ice cream makers, or all the processed food companies? Your guess is as good as mine. But one thing for certain…Coca-Cola isn’t the only one that will be joining this bandwagon of trying to capture the attention of the media and hearts of Americans. Maybe the Columbian drug lords should take a lesson from Coca-Cola and apologize for putting all the “other coke” on the streets as well and creating a different group of “coke addicts”!

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