Sounds like hype doesn’t it…check it out for yourself. Give us a call, attend a seminar, get your complimentary HBL Evaluation, or just stop by and have a free smoothie in our “family room” at our Resource Center. However you choose to interact and get to know us we will never ever give you a sales pitch (other than maybe a t-shirt to help the movement)…WE PROMISE.

You see, it’s not our style. When people decide they are ready to become Members they have to ask us to join…never the other way around. That means you can check out everything we have and give you without ever ever ever someone asking you to buy something.


Because that’s the way we would want to be treated. We know you’re smart. We know you’re resourceful. We know you can figure out when something is right for you or not. We don’t need to tell you any of that. If it’s right, it’s right and you can make that decision. It’s one of our Core Values to treat you with Respect and Honor you as a person who is savvy enough to make your own decisions.

And yes…it means you won’t get the free Ginsu Knives because we don’t have any specials to sign up in the next 5 minutes when we’re talking with you…sorry!

Check us out…see that what we promise is real…because if we ever do try to give you that “hard sell sales pitch”, we’ll give you our program for FREE. That’s how confident we are in our “No Sales Pitch” approach. We look forward to meeting you sometime…

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