New “Why I Dream of Losing Weight” Contest Winner – Mary’s Story…

Mary Hendrickson - "Why I Dream about Losing Weight" Contest WinnerWe have another winner in our “Why I Dream of Losing Weight” contest, MARY HENDRICKSON. Congratulations MARY!!

As we said when we announced the contest, these aren’t stories about “I want to look good for my 25th high school reunion” or “I want to look good at the beach on vacation” stories. These are honest, from the heart, gut-wrenching stories about REAL PEOPLE who have REAL DREAMS about why it is so important for them to lose weight. Mary’s story is no exception and is truly honoring to our contest.

What an amazing person with an incredible story about her dream of why she wanted to lose weight. Here is Mary’s story, unedited and in her own words…

“In the last several years I have related with Job in the Bible. He was a faithful follower of God, but untested until Satan asked to do so.

Over a period of time, most of what he had, including eventually his family and health, were wiped out. Still he remained faithful, though upset with God. Four years ago I was an unstoppable super woman. I worked probably 60 hours a week, took classes for my doctorate, and was a wife, mother and grandmother. Then, to my shock I was diagnosed with such a severe heart rhythm problem that it took the best surgeon in the country 2 surgeries to correct it. I had to go to California for the surgery–a tough experience indeed. Next I was diagnosed with massive uterine fibroids, resulting in an additional surgery for that year. After 2 heart surgeries and an abdominal hysterectomy, I was definitely operating at a slower pace. THEN, a year later, I was diagnosed with bladder cancer, resulting in two more surgeries. Four days before my second surgery, my husband of 36 years informed me that our marriage was over–he was leaving. According to what he shared with others, he “didn’t sign up” for all of my challenges. As a result of the failed marriage, we had to give up our house, my sons have had their world shaken, and my faith has been challenged to the max.

 Those are the challenges. Now let me share the praises. I have fabulous friends who have enabled me to purchase a new home on contract, others who have stepped in to help in any way they could, an amazing job where there is an army who pray for and support me. I am coming back strong from all of these tough things. I finally feel good enough about myself that I want to become healthy and to look like the redeemed, dearly-loved woman I am. I have already lost 25 lbs., but need to lose another 50. It is my desire to be a testimony to God’s faithfulness despite the challenges. Looking and feeling my best are part of that testimony. I have a new life ahead and embrace what it takes to make it the best it can be.”

CONGRATULATIONS MARY!! We look forward to helping you with our 60-day process, complements of Optimal365, and see you achieve your dream(s)!

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  1. Congrats Mary on winning a 60 day package! I hope and pray that as you get the weight off that you feel renewed! Blessings to you and your family.

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