Mobile Coaching for our Members

<Insert picture of our car> Our “passion” is to deliver both a REMARKABLE EXPERIENCE along with expert PERSONAL COACHING in the area of Health. One of the many ways we can do this for our Members is to “be where they are” and “when they need us” as coaches. We figured the best way is to “bring it to you” rather than you have to always come to see us.

It’s just another way we “obsess over our customers” any way we can to give them a memorable and remarkable experience…

Our Optimal Health Coaches are mobile so they will meet you at the supermarket, in restaurants, at your work, at your home, a park for some exercise, or just about anywhere else that makes this convenient for you, our Member. It’s one of the ways we want to be there for you…on your terms, not ours. So when you meet with your Optimal Health Coach and talk about the best way to move forward on your own exciting Optimal Journey, they will work with you to figure out the best place and time to meet…because to us, it is ALL ABOUT YOU!!

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