Membership is our way of welcoming you into the “community” of like-minded people who want to be on a journey to optimal health. Members both give and receive valuable support from others in the community…supporting each other in their journey down the road to Optimal Health.

The Optimal Membership plan is really simple. You can become a member…whether you use our personal coaching services or not. It’s a simple and easy way for us to help you get healthier. We created a Membership Program that is chocked full of benefits so we can help everyone achieve better health…that’s our Vision and Mission as a company.

Here’s how it works…

  • Every member starts with an Initial Kickoff Session…this is a one-time charge of only $145
  • Each month you pay a nominal fee of only $50 per month…just enough for us to cover our administrative and support costs to maintain the Membership Program
  • There is absolutely no risk to give it a try…sign up today and if you don’t like it after 30 days, no problem, we will refund your entire $195 just for checking it out
  • NOTE: Membership is always included (without any additional cost) if you are on a Coaching Program and working with one of our Health Coaches (see NOTE below).

What do you get by being a member of the Optimal Community? Lots…


  • Monthly Health Analysis…by an Optimal Health Coach
  • Quarterly HBL Evaluation
  • Monthly Coaching Session in our Resource Center
  • Free shipping for any online product orders
  • Free access to all Optimal Xperiences (our seminars)
  • Discounts for Special Paid events
  • Coupons for “Bring a Guest” without charge
  • Special packages for Family Journeys
  • Participation in the Optimal Community
  • Re-entry Coaching Package
  • Advance preview of new information posted on website
  • Eligibility for Membership Alumni Benefits


  • Quarterly Health Analysis
  • Packages for Family Journeys
  • Re-entry Coaching Package

NOTE: Membership is included (without cost) when using any of our Coaching Packages.

For any Member, there is NO BINDING AGREEMENT…you can stop being a member of the Optimal Community any time you want by just letting us know 30 days in advance. That’s it…no strings attach, no strong arming, and no sales pitch…it’s not our style. This is probably the best investment you will ever make in helping you to reach your lifelong Optimal Health objectives! You have access to all our resources to help you live a healthy life.

Being surrounded by positive, like-minded people that have a focus on being healthy for life is not only exhilarating but motivating. We leave no one behind…we want to help everyone we can. So what are you waiting for…become a member today and start learning and experiencing Optimal Health…it’s unlike anything you have every experienced!

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