Getting Healthy Does Not Mean Doing it Alone

Many Hands raise high up on blue backgroundSo many people truly feel they are alone or unique in their struggle to to get healthy or even lose some weight or just feel good about themselves…we have all been there at some point. What’s most important for all of us to remember is YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

As I sit here writing this post I can vividly remember a story about someone I knew with a size 0-2 in clothes. She was complaining about how “fat” she was feeling.  We laughed about it and everyone called her the fattest size 2 in the world.  It was ridiculous!  Whether you are 115 pounds or 315 pounds, male or female, you will likely relate to the struggle of self-acceptance and satisfaction with your body.  Getting to “Optimal” absolutely has more to do with self-acceptance and Experiencing Healthy than what is on the scale or the size of your jeans!

The good news is that it is never too late to begin the journey and there is always the grace to begin again!

There was a lady who found out just how “not alone” she really was when she started sharing her story of getting healthy with others. Let me share just a few of the amazing quotes from her story of her personal journey to transformation…

  • I’m overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with the comments, emails and texts from friends and strangers alike about their support for my journey. The outpouring, while unexpected, was both comforting and terrifying….
  • Realizing now that many struggle the way I do, I’ve chosen to continue my journey and share it with others.
  • I share with others solely to get the negative thoughts, the toxins, out of my body. A mental detox to work alongside the physical one if you will….
  • It was time for a new beginning. I started fresh. A clean slate. There was no judgment. No judgment at all in having to start over. There was, however, encouragement and understanding. We set up a new plan.
  • This was the hardest it was ever going to get…I realized, I’d been thinking seriously about getting my health and weight under control for four years. I could have been healthy and lost that weight FOUR times since then if only I would have stopped thinking and started doing! But that is the past and this is my future…forever!
  • Optimal Health? It’s about living the life I’ve dreamed about…today, not tomorrow.
  • I love knowing I’m not alone…there are people all around me wanting to support me and get healthy themselves…they just need to make it happen and take the first step…like me.

Everyone deserves a clean slate. There is NO ROOM for judgment. It’s time to get to the good stuff and start focusing on the life you are dreaming of living!

To everyone out there…what do you dream about doing in your life if you were at your own Optimal Health?  Share them with us and our readers…everyone is here to support you! Stay tuned – tons of great more stuff to come about our members’ journeys, learning how we navigate the grocery store, optimized meal planning tips, and MUCH MORE!

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