Join a “Healthy Community”

We all live in some type of “Community” – most of us many. No, not the geographic kind, the social kind.  The ones where we share like interests and passions. This is where we learn from others interested in the exact same thing and so we can “connect” to them based on interests, likes, and passions.

Take me for example, I love riding my motorcycle and taking trips from a day to a week and simply riding to enjoy seeing new places and experiencing new things from the seat of a motorcycle. When I want to learn about new places that make great “rides” I don’t go to the travel channel and watch specials about cruises (although those are great as well). But the community I want to talk to are those who love riding their motorcycles and share lots of great tips, experiences, rides, equipment, service, etc. all around motorcycles.  This is what a community is all about.  How many of these do you have? I bet quite a few when you sit down and think about it.  I have a lot…

But one I am particularly passionate about is our concept around “Experience Healthy” and the members of this community who love to talk about all the different facets of getting healthy and staying healthy – making it a lifestyle instead of a “program”.  What do we talk about? Lots. We talk about how to get started, how to get your body into some kind of initial shape (internally and externally), exercise, diet, nutrition, recipes, and the list goes on and on – but with one thing always in common, how can we help each other be healthier. No, this isn’t a support group, but has some elements to it. It isn’t an accountability group, although we would encourage everyone to find someone or a group that could act in this way.

Being part of our “Healthy Community” is just having a strong interest, passion, and desire to be healthy – that’s it.  If you just want to observe and not contribute, that’s fine too. If you feel like you have something that would help others in the community, we hope you would offer it. Bottom line, we are building an “Experience Healthy” Community and hope you will join and participate.  There will be more on this in the near future…Who’s in? Let us know if you want to be part of our Experience Healthy Community.  We would love to have you on board and learn more from you as well…


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