What can you Expect when you SIGN UP for your PERSONALIZED HEALTH ASSESSMENT?

At Optimal365™, our entire team has one passion—to help you achieve your OWN OPTIMAL HEALTH! Everyone’s “Journey” is different but the result is the same…Optimal Health for a lifetime. Because we’re 100% committed to helping you achieve this and be successful, we first have to understand where you are coming from and your own situation.

We offer a FREE HEALTH ASSESSMENT for this purpose…to listen to your story and share with you what it will take for you to reach your “OWN” Optimal Health – whether you choose to use Optimal365 or do it on your own…we simply want to help you understand what YOUR journey might look like. That’s the goal and end result of the Health Assessment. You have nothing to lose…but lots to gain by understanding what this journey is about and how it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER!!

Listen to one of our many clients talk about the Health Assessment and how it helped her understand more about the journey and her new life…

No two people have the same Optimal—what is Optimal for you will be different than somebody else. Your dreams are personalized and your situation is your own. Understanding where you are, what your dreams are, and what you could accomplish if you had Optimal Health is what the conversation is about in the initial Health Assessment. One of our Health Coaches will give you an honest assessment of your current health condition and you will leave knowing where you are today and what it would take for you to “Optimize” your health.

Our promise to you…

This meeting IS NOT some high pressure sales meeting – we don’t work that way and never will. It is simply a chance for you to get an honest assessment of your current health condition. You may choose to do nothing, do something on your own, or join the Optimal365™ community and engage in one of our programs—it is your choice. We just want to give you the “starting point” from which you can make your own decisions in your own time frame. That’s it, and you will leave feeling 100% better about knowing the status of your current health and life style.


Simply call the number to your right and sign up for a time and location that is convenient for you. You can also send us an e-mail message as well by clicking the “SIGN-UP” link below and we’ll get back to you either by phone or e-mail and schedule a convenient time for you to visit us in one of our clinics. We hope to see you soon… SIGN-UP

What will you Experience during the Health Assessment?

When you arrive, you’ll be warmly greeted and made to feel right at home. While you sip on a beverage, you’ll spend a few minutes completing a simple “color wheel” to help you see the different components that make up our Optimal Health. You can also “rate yourself” in the different areas that comprise Optimal Health. That’s all we need to begin our conversation with you – simple and fun!

You will then meet one-on-one with one of our expert Health Coaches. The two of you will spend 20 – 30 minutes minutes evaluating your current situation. The Health Coach will listen to your concerns and will then discuss how you can move toward Optimal Health and what the journey for you will look like. Come with your questions – this is an interactive session ALL ABOUT YOU!

If you would like, we can also gather some important medical measurements (weight, height, blood pressure, body mass index, and body fat analysis). This will give you more information on where you are currently in your own health.

After the initial assessment, you’ll be ready to make an informed decision about the direction that is right for you. Your goals may involve weight loss, detox, or other elements specific to your life and your situation. We’ll carefully lay out the “next steps” in a plan designed just for you! Regardless of what method you choose to pursue (on your own or with Optimal365™) you will have some answers and direction.

Remember, this comprehensive advisory session is offered to you at no cost or obligation. When it comes to our relationship with you, our goal is simple: we will always be totally transparent in everything we do. At Optimal365™, we tell you the truth and stand behind it. It sounds old-fashioned, but we treat you exactly as we would want to be treated.

We want you to be absolutely delighted with every aspect of your experience with Optimal365™. If you don’t become an enthusiastic advocate for our company, we’ve failed. So SIGN-UP today or give us a call…we would love to meet you and hear YOUR STORY.

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