HBL Evaluation

We all know that no two people are exactly the same and one size doesn’t fit everyone. This is why we give everyone their own personalized Health-Body-Lifestyle Evaluation (HBL EVALUATION)…and it’s always FREE. No strings attached…just awesome information about your body and health.

And for those who want to be on their own Optimal Journey it is always the first step. Whether you use our services or not, we want everyone to understand more about their health…it’s just part of our commitment to “Improving America’s Health.”

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Here are some of the highlights for each part of the HBL Evaluation…

HEALTH: This is easy and straightforward…you’ve done it many times before. We take your blood pressure, heart rate, and body measurements and collect information relative to your general health, medical conditions, and medications. It’s quick, easy, and completely non-invasive.

BODY: This part that will blow you away with all you will learn about your body. We use the most sophisticated “body composition analyzer” in the world to give you some incredibly insightful information about your body…something you will never get from your doctor.

LIFESTYLE: Just like your health, your lifestyle isn’t the same as anyone else either. And if you’ve ever experienced one of those commercial diet company programs or supplement company gimmicks, you know exactly what we’re talking about…it’s a one-size fits all approach.

Your daily challenges have differences as well. You might be someone who has the flexibility to be at home most of the time and can manage your own time or someone who works in a company that requires a structured schedule. Why would we ever think the same solution would fit both of these lifestyles? It can’t.

This is why Optimal365 places significant emphasis on lifestyle. And all of these factors impact your eating habits, the type of food you eat, frequency, and a host of other very specific and personalized elements that make up who you are your lifestyle.

So as part of the HBL Evaluation, it is critical to identify what YOU want your life to be like the lifestyle that best works with your desired goals. This is personal, specific, and individualized. This is what makes you unique and your path to getting there is as unique as you. Understanding this, as it relates to your Health and Body, is the third critical component to giving you the information tailored specifically to just you and only you.

HOW CAN YOU GET ONE…it’s simple, you simply call us. When you call, you will first connect with our Dream Center, our view of where dreams start. Then you find a time that works for your schedule and arrange a time to come into our Resource Center. That’s it…we take care of the rest. If you allow up to an hour you can get the most value from the HBL Evaluation so you aren’t rushed and can get all your questions answered.

There’s an old saying, “you never get something for nothing”, but that’s simply not true at Optimal365. We GUARANTEE the HBL Evaluation is not only FREE, it isn’t ever packaged with a sales pitch to get you to buy something. As with everything, if we ever try to sell you something, you get that free as well. The HBL Evaluation is simply giving you the information you need to help you make more informed decisions about your health.

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Here’s how it works…

It’s non-invasive and completely painless…you actually just have to stand there for about a minute and hold onto the handles. To give you an example of how powerful this is, it will immediately calculate such areas as your BMI, muscle mass, fat levels, and water in your body along with some other measurements. And it is so advanced it will do this for each arm, each leg and the trunk of your body. It will even tell you how much water is in your blood and in your muscles along with other important readings. It really gives you great insights into understanding your health and what areas you would want to focus on to improve your health. And you leave with your own printed report of the evaluation to take home and review even further.

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