FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

At Optimal365™, our program and are approach are focused on one thing: helping people reach their optimal health…forever! We know that triggers lots of questions about what that means and how you get there. Here are the most common questions we get asked.  If you have one that’s not listed…just ask. Let us know what’s on your mind so we can add your question to the list.

  1. What do you mean when you talk about Optimal365’s remarkable experience?
  2. What are typical results? 
  3. Who is the Journey designed for?
  4. What does a Journey look like?
  5. Will I have to buy a bunch of products or eat pre-packaged foods?
  6. Do I have to exercise?
  7. Will the Journey be time consuming?
  8. Will I have to stop eating out and going to parties?
  9. Will I be hungry?
  10. Will I have to eat meals separately from my family or friends?
  11. Having a personal health coach sounds expensive…will I be able to afford a Journey?
  12. How can you guarantee weight loss?
  1. What do you mean when you talk about Optimal365’s remarkable experience?

Simple answer…we give you WOW with every interaction we have with you. Our goal is to amaze you with how much we care and how awesome we treat you…all the time. It is also about getting you to say, “WOW, that really made me feel special and they really do care about me.” And these aren’t just words to us…in fact our entire company is built around this as our core business.

We know you have struggles…who doesn’t? But when you want to take action and move forward to overcome these struggles…in our case your health and weight…we want to make you feel so incredible about what you are doing, be there to support you with every phone call, meeting, text message, or just a simple conversation. We are totally committed to your success and want you to enjoy every second of it with us…you are all we care about. This is why we are all about the remarkable experience…because it’s what we all want and deserve.

  1. What are typical results? 

Simple answer…show us a typical person and we’ll give you typical results. There aren’t any…nor are any of our results standard or average results. At Optimal 365, we coach people to get the results they desire…period. It is always up to the individual as to how fast they desire to get there.

We look at this way…you’re in the driver’s seat and you get to determine how fast or slow you’d like to go. For example, if weight management is your goal, we can help guide women to losing up to a half-pound a day and men as much as 1 pound a day. It’s always done by eating nutrient dense foods which triggers the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Most people prefer a more flexible and relaxed weight management journey and so we specifically and individually customize their Optimal Journey to achieve their desired results.

But here’s the big bonus when it comes to results! Everyone who follows our guidance, to some degree or another, reports improvement in a variety of other areas…such as their sensory functions, like seeing, smelling and tasting better. And there’s more…when you give your body the nutrients it needs…such as improvements in your skin, better sleep, more energy, and aches and pains will diminish or completely go away.

We don’t believe in typical results because we haven’t seen a typical person. What we do believe is that you are an individual and you should get the individual results YOU want that will help change your life forever. That is our passion and our goal.

  1. Who is the Journey designed for?

Simple answer…anyone who desires to live a healthy life…forever. Our Vision is to improve the health of every American.

But the real answer is just as simple…anyone, regardless of age, who is passionate about getting healthier and managing their weight at the same time. We haven’t found a person yet who can’t benefit by having a deeper understanding about their health, proper nutrition, and how make this a part of their life. Everyone wins when they are armed with knowledge they can apply…

Your Journey is simply that…your journey. It isn’t designed for anyone else but you. This is why it is critical for everyone to know where they are starting so they can map out where they want to go. When you know this, you can then determine where you want to go and how fast you want to move forward. It is a journey…not a quick fix program that doesn’t last…this lasts for the rest of your life.

We have been successful at creating something that takes this down to the simplest level possible…what you eat. We know this is the magic…no pills, no magic formulas…just what you buy at the store. So we design everyone’s journey so they can be successful using nutritional education and get the necessary support to change their perspective on food and their relationship with food.

Since two thirds of Americans are overweight, many of our members begin their personal journey with weight management, but we provide equally applicable support to the one third of Americans who are not overweight. Getting people to a healthy weight is not as challenging as most people think and it’s never too late. The key to living a life of optimal health starts with education, then getting you the support/guidance you need and helping you build relationships within a healthy community of people so everyone can accomplish their individual goals relating to their health.

An Optimal Journey is for Americans who may or may not know what’s healthy. It is for those who want to be educated about what optimal health looks like in a personal and individualized way. Journeys are for American’s who desire to gain the lifelong skill of having an education about what works for their specific body and lifestyle so they can create health anytime, anywhere. It’s perfect for people who know what to do, but just haven’t been able to do it on their own and people who don’t even know where to begin and they’d like an expert to help them navigate their path to health.

  1. What does a Journey look like? 

Simple answer…it’s a specific and detailed plan personalized to just you about how you are going to move from where you are to being amazingly healthy. It always starts with where you are today. Then you define what healthy looks like for you with regard to your body and lifestyle. When we know the beginning and the path you want to be on we create a Journey that is 100% individualized to your specific desires and outcomes.

Then to help you get there (through the peaks and valleys which there always are with anything worth doing) you would work with our Certified Optimal Coaches. They are incredibly knowledgeable about how Journeys work and will support and train you in your home, your workplace, your local market or favorite restaurants.  We go where you go. You get complete access to seminars, workshops, and a ton of other resources…all designed to inform and motivate you. You also have the luxury of being supported by a community of like-minded, friendly Optimal365 family members who are traveling their own journeys, like you, and want to help you find success. You will learn some incredible techniques that simply help you stay this way the rest of your life…you learn how to continue your journey on your own…forever!

  1. Will I have to buy a bunch of products or eat pre-packaged foods?

Simple answer…absolutely not! Optimal365 is all about helping you provide your body with the right and necessary nutrition from food you get every day in the grocery store, not something that comes in a bottle or a bag. We have yet to see bottles and bags growing on bushes you could pick and eat so we don’t consider those to be optimal foods. You eat this way so your body can heal itself with great nutrition instead of unhealthy packaged food. No one out there can live on packaged foods or some sacrificial diet, which is why, according to the statistics, 95% of people who go on a diet gain the weight back (and more) within two years. We absolutely believe in eating real food!

We absolutely don’t believe in miracle cures and magic pills (sorry Dr. Oz). We are in the business of helping you understand how you can reach optimal health naturally and forever. We do, however, offer support products to help you through some specific parts of your journey that are designed to meet the unique needs of our individual members, but we are not “pill pushers!” And they are completely optional…no requirement…just options.

  1. Do I have to exercise?

Simple answer…not with the journey we design with you but we always recommend some level of exercise at some point as just part of a healthy life. We believe exercise is an important part of maintaining good health, but we do not use exercise to help you lose weight and get your body into a very healthy state.

What most people don’t understand is that what you eat has much more to do with your overall health and weight management than exercise. This is a very common misunderstanding and an important one people really need to learn more about. It is one of the big hypes of the weight loss industry…work yourself to death or starve yourself…neither of which we support. Exercise is awesome…but not at the expense of giving your body proper fuel.

It’s helpful to think of your body as a high performance car (even if it isn’t there today). The car can be tuned just right to operate at maximum efficiency by the mechanics. However, if you put in the wrong or bad fuel, it either won’t run or runs very poorly. Your body responds same way so your goal should be to get the right fuel in your car so it will run the best it possibly can. Adding exercise simply helps with the fine tuning of it over time.

  1. Will the Journey be time consuming?

Simple answer…it isn’t about adding more time, it’s about changing what you do with the time you currently using to eat. Most of America simply eats wrong. Helping you change the way you look at food, buy food, prepare food, and consume food is what a journey is about…not adding more time to your day.

In fact, most people will tell you it actually saves time when they are on their journeys because they are better at planning what they are going to eat and then just eating it instead of wasting time looking for food, going to fast food places, or a host of other things that takes up their time when they don’t know what they are doing. So we would say it usually helps people save more time in the end once they know how to better use their time.

  1. Will I have to stop eating out and going to parties?

Simple answer…absolutely not! Life happens, we get it! As part of the coaching process, you will learn how to make changes without interrupting your lifestyle. You will be able to navigate through eating out and attending parties. And when we use the word navigate, it simply means how to make better choices with what you have available.

You would be amazed how easy it is to eat out when you actually know what is really healthy and how it should be prepared. Restaurants are more than willing to prepare healthy food…you usually just need to ask. This means you’ll have a lifelong skill of how to re-balance yourself so you can be naturally fit. It will be a matter of making better choices in that moment.

  1. Will I be hungry?

Simple answer…NO…in fact you will feel more satisfied than you have ever felt before. What you will find on an Optimal Journey is that you will be eating lots of food, maybe more than you eat today…just healthy food. Most people are not hungry. However, some people may experience a different kind of hunger during the initial transition when they are switching from non-nutritious filler foods to eating new nutritious foods until their body gets acclimated. We can offer you a support supplement to ease this transition if desired. When you start eating the right foods, your body is getting the nutrition it needs. So as you go forward you will most likely experience a decrease in hunger and cravings.

  1. Will I have to eat meals separately from my family or friends?

Simple answer…absolutely not! Since you will be eating real food from the grocery store your family should be able to enjoy the same great meals that you are. We encourage the whole family to be eating healthy! But if they can’t get rid of their mac-n-cheese, you will probably be preparing something else for yourself…because your journey is one of eating real food, not something made out of chemicals with virtually no nutritional value.

  1. Having a personal health coach sounds expensive…will I be able to afford a Journey?

Simple answer…it is less expensive than you think and certainly much less than the value you will get! We have found that the Optimal Journey is comparable to most other nutrition based programs on the market today and in some cases we are half the price for much more permanent results.

Since Optimal Journeys are designed to create lifelong health, expensive products aren’t necessary because you’ll know how to get healthy with the habits you’ll create with your coach’s assistance. We are trying to teach you how to fish, not give you the fish. What makes most company programs expensive is you can’t quit or you will lose all your benefits. Just ask a coach and we can give you a long list of these companies that thrive by you staying “on their program” and buying their products. Not us. Our primary goal is to teach you so you can do this the rest of your life without needing a coach constantly. That’s why we offer a membership program that is at a nominal amount…we want to continue helping you when you don’t need a coach and you certainly don’t need to keep buying products like all the other programs.

  1. How can you guarantee weight loss?

Simple answer…it’s easy because we let your body do the work for us. The way we teach you about eating and coach you through the process of changing your eating habits, you will see your weight get into alignment with what your body desires. With the majority of our members, their weight is not in alignment with what their body should be…some call this being overweight. We view it as an alignment issue and when you follow our guidance, we can help you get these back in alignment…the result is weight loss.

We have an exceptional weight management program, but it is just one of the many benefits our members receive while on their personalized Journey to lifelong optimal health. We guarantee weight loss to our members because it is simply a side benefit that everyone gets on their Journey. This takes the pressure off of “dieting” (we absolutely hate that word) because you never have to diet when you are focused on eating for your health, the weight just naturally comes off because your body is realigning itself with its desired state.

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