Christmas Dinner…Optimized

Christmas is the most magical time of year!

With the cold and snowy weather throughout most of the country this time of year, there is one day that shines brightly and is filled with warmth and enjoyment – CHRISTMAS! It is a time to enjoy the wonderful gifts and blessings throughout the year with family, friends, and other welcome guests. As part of this celebration, a big part of the tradition is sharing a meal sometime during the day where you share your favorite memories and the day’s activities with love and laughter.

At Optimal365, we not only want this to continue, we want to make it bigger and bolder than ever when it comes to the dinner table. There is absolutely no need to stop the celebration because you have made a decision to OPTIMIZE YOUR HEALTH.  We want you and others to thoroughly enjoy the day as well. But how if you are trying to Optimize your health with great nutrition at a time that is filled with traditional carbs and sugars? What can you eat that’s part of nutritional and healthy lifestyle? We have the answer below – and a yummy one at that!

We have OPTIMIZED CHRISTMAS DINNER  for you by putting together a selection of recipes so you too can feast on this special day. And this isn’t that tasteless packaged food or a square inch of food – nope – it is the whole meal and as much as you want to eat!! So here is our feast – use all or some of it but this will get heads turning for sure when they see how good you can eat on your way to Optimal Health.


Let’s startthe main course – CHICKEN WITH CHERRIES AND KALE. What a perfect dish for the Christmas Day feast! It is not only very tasty but it is also color coordinated with the green kale base and the red cherries to accent the dish. It almost looks too good to eat but you won’t want to look long, you will want to dive in…And it is easy to prepare.






But before we get too excited about the main dish, let’s have some appetizers and one of the best is the SHRIMP COCKTAIL WITH LEMON TARRAGON VINAIGRETTE. It will melt in your mouth and while you could make a meal out of these tasty morsels, you should limit yourself to it as an appetizer to save room for all the other great dishes.



Caramelized Pearl Onions


An incredible side dish that not only tastes great but looks festive is CARMELIZED PEARL ONIONS. They are full of flavor and are the perfect side dish to our Christmas Dinner. They are easy to make but have the look and taste of elegance that even the most discerning palette will appreciate.





And now for a spectacular dessert you could serve for any celebration, POACHED PEAR IN VANILLA SAUCE. What a treat and it is so unbelievably good you would swear it isn’t “Optimized” at all. This is not only full of flavor but is light enough to not make  you sluggish and tired the rest of the night so you can continue to celebrate the season.






What would be a Christmas Dinner Celebration without a festive looking drink? So we create the STRAWBERRY BASIL SPRITZER to complete the meal. It is not only colorful with it’s red and green for the season but it is super refreshing. Add a splash of vodka if you wanted to spice it up a bit and you still have a very “Optimized” beverage…Enjoy!!


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