Are We Conditioning Our Kids to be Unhealthy?
Are we conditioning our children to be unhealthy and emotional eaters? If we look at our behavior patterns, many would say we are…and most don’t even realize it is happening. We’ve all been there… a long list of things to get done, a hectic day, and your child throwing a tantrum. As a parent, we all know it is stressful to manage a cranky child. And the end result is we do whatever we can to calm them down and restore order…including taking the easy road out and giving in when we normally wouldn’t. Everyone has their own ways of dealing with moments like these. One of the most common is through food…giving our kids what they want so they will calm down. We might pacify them with their favorite treats, candy, or unhealthy snacks. While our intentions are generally good, the lasting effects [more]
Eating Worms to Lose Weight…REALLY?
How far would you go to lose some weight? Would you consider swallowing a parasitic tapeworm so it could attach itself to your intestines and give birth to more tapeworms so they can consume your calories in an attempt to lose some weight? That is exactly what an Iowa woman did to get rid of some unwanted weight. She ordered a live tapeworm off of the internet and swallowed it in an attempt to lose weight without changing what she ate. Insanity? While most people would think so, it just goes to show the extreme lengths people will go to when they are desperate to lose weight. But there is more to this story. After she told to her physician what she had done, The Department of Health felt the need to step in and issue a stern warning…“Don’t purchase tapeworms online and swallow them.” Seriously? That’s [more]
Detox your Fridge
Optimal365 is about supporting you on your individual Journey to Experience Healthy.  A significant component of optimal health and weight management is detoxification. Since every fat cell in your body has both nutrients and toxins stored in it, when you lose fat, you are naturally detoxing. The word "Detox" may mean different things to different people, a few meanings I found: Detoxification, the process of removing toxins stored in the body Detox - a master colon cleanse - which this has nothing to do with (phew!) Detox, an album by hip hop artist Dr. Dre D-Tox, the 2002 film starring Sly Stallone While we love music and films, we are about "Optimizing your health". Here is a GREAT trick to help you in your journey to optimizing your health...DETOX YOUR FRIDGE! We call it The Detox Your Fridge Checklist. If you have made the commitment to improve your heath and [more]
We all know the famous adage where “more is better than less” – only not when it comes to food, right? WRONG! Unfortunately, over time we have been told by the big food manufacturers to believe their products are good and nutritious. It is hard to imagine how it could be better for our bodies than natural food when it is "manufactured" from many chemicals and other additives. It is a major contributor to why we are the most obese nation in the world. And here is where everyone get's much can you eat? If you are eating natural and highly dense nutrition food, you can eat a lot of it...and I mean a lot. Usually more than you want to eat. But when you translate this strategy to manufactured foods, the rule doesn't work so well. Because the body had a very hard time breaking down and [more]
Who wouldn’t want to enjoy an ice cold refreshing Coca Cola or some other soft drink? If you listen to (and believe) what these companies have been pushing on us for the past 75+ years there is no reason not to enjoy one, or two, or maybe several…every day! In the early days, we were sold the idea, “if you drink Coca Cola (or others) you will be thin.” Don’t take my word for it, watch an ad from 1961 by Coca Cola… Is that still true today? Over the years we have become the most unhealthy and obese country (actually we are now second, Mexico recently took over number one) in the world. Not because we produce some of the best crops in the world, but because we also produce some of the most weight causing non-foods in the world…such as soft drinks. I was shocked when [more]
Three Dark Greens – The “Super Antioxidant”…Part 3 in the Series
Now for our third and final Dark Green "Super Antioxidant" - Spinach. I wanted to share just how popular and powerful this dark green vegetable really is and some tips on its value and how to use it. There is no question this is the most popular and well-known of the famous three dark greens. And rightfully so because it tastes so good and has so many uses. There practically isn't a restaurant that doesn't have spinach as an option on their menu. But when you get right down to it, Spinach is hero of the dark greens... You already knew SPINACH was good for you, but did you know just how good? Spinach protects against eye disease and vision loss; it's good for brain function; it guards against colon, prostate, and breast cancers; it protects against heart disease, stroke, and dementia; it lowers blood pressure; its anti-inflammatory; and it's [more]
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