Do Diets Work Better When They’re Free?
Credit Suisse missed the point. For Weight Watchers or any other “diet company” it isn’t about the information or the tracking or the data…this isn’t what’s causing their rapid decline in stock value. It’s easier than they think…and technology isn’t the answer. Credit Suisse thinks diet programs should be free and they recently downgraded Weight Watchers (WW) stock from “neutral” to “underperforming” based upon that assumption. In a recent article in Business Insider, "Wall Street analysts think Weight Watchers is in serious trouble because it's not free," they talked specifically about the struggle of Weight Watchers and their view of why. It’s no secret that Weight Watchers’ stock has been falling like a rock in recent times and the company is struggling. Their stock fell another 30% after the Credit Suisse announcement. WW lost 15% of their membership in the fourth quarter of last [more]
Our “Community” thrives on using Social Media
Social Media is everywhere and growing faster than anything we have ever seen in history.  Now, unlike any other point in time, we have the ability to share our conversation with others and create "online communities" that connect people with the same passion together without the constraint of physical geography - how cool is that! Social Media is the perfect solution at the perfect time for Optimal365. We are ALL ABOUT COMMUNITY!! We are rapidly building a Community of people who are "passionate about Experiencing Healthy."  For many in our community, this may be the first time in their life they have every had this experience. For others, it is a time to get back to their "Optimal" State and take back their lives.  Either way, we have one simple mission, "Helping people understand what is Optimal for them in the 6 vital areas of their life so they can [more]
Now that we have you ADDICTED…can we be friends?
The recent announcement by Coca-Cola to slash advertising of their sugary products to children feels a bit like the cigarette industry years ago – now that we have you addicted to our products, we want to be your friend and stop advertising to you. Sorry Coca-Cola, the horse has left the barn…now it doesn’t matter if you close the gate or not, damage done! In a recent announcement by Coca-Cola, an article, “Coca-Cola Vows to Reduce Advertising to Children,” was published in AdvertisingAge about their decision to reduce their ad spend because of the focus on the rising obesity rates in children. This literally smells (no pun intended) like the announcement from cigarette companies many years ago to reduce their advertising overall. Didn’t do much to smoking rates of those who were already addicted and a child watching their parents smoke (or drink Coke) is their best form [more]
Exercise is NOT the answer to real Weight Loss
What is the most popular New Year’s resolution people make, year after year? You guessed it, WEIGHT LOSS. I know this won’t be a shock to anyone, at least I hope not, but America is the most obese country in the WORLD! So this time of year is like a feeding frenzy for anyone trying to help you lose weight. It’s like being thrown into a river where the fitness centers and diet clinics are the Piranha – and you are their next meal! Fitness centers make their year right now – getting people signed up for memberships. But here is a shocker… it is highly unlikely you will be able to lose a significant amount of weight through exercise. That’s right, all the advertisements and promotion are about “getting in shape” and we assume this means weight loss. It doesn’t. Let me explain why and see [more]
We can do this…lower rate of Diabetes
I just read a very disturbing article, “Big rise in Americans with diabetes, especially in South”, in Reuters that I wanted to share with you. The headline of the article said, “Diabetes cases up more than 100 percent in 18 U.S. states with the Southern, Appalachian states see biggest percentage increases. Are you kidding me? Why is this so disturbing to me? Where most people, unknowingly, feel that diabetes is a genetic issue that you get because your relatives had it is a mistake. This is certainly one type of diabetes that is, unfortunately, not something where there are a lot of options to curing. But huge strides have been made in treating this over the years. No, the type of diabetes I’m referring to is “Type 2 Diabetes” and is something that, in many cases, can be prevented. How? Lifestyle. Nutrition. Diet. And this really disturbs me as the [more]
When will “Common Sense” in the Weight Loss and Diet Industry prevail?
Just how “gullible” are we these days? A LOT I guess would be the correct answer when it comes to weight loss and diet programs. I can’t imagine applying this level (or lack of) common sense to the rest of our lives – things would surely turn out badly. Here is yet another story of a company, Sensa, that promised us the land of riches in the diet world without any effort. They failed. The premise is flawed. Let me ask you a question that I asked before I entered into this crazy industry. Before I invested in starting up a company in this overcrowded, confused, low results industry, I asked one question, “If there was just one of these “quick diet programs” that actually worked and returned a high rate of sustainable success, wouldn’t they simply eclipse everyone else and become dominant because everyone would use it?” Sadly, [more]
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