You can’t turn on your TV or radio without hearing about how unhealthy Americans are today. We’re either the number 1 or 2 most obese nation on the planet. Have we become immune and numbed by this kind of news? Have you?

Why are we so numb today? Is it because we have all given up or is it because there hasn’t been a solution available that actually WORKS! We believe it is the latter.

Health Word Sinking Showing Unhealthy Or Sick ConditionThe facts and research are everywhere…America is a very unhealthy country. We are literally “eating ourselves to death”. Obesity is now the leading cause of preventable death in America. But hold on…it isn’t only about obesity. Even if you aren’t overweight, your nutritional habits may place you at increased risk of a major or chronic disease!

For example, if we just look at the area of obesity, last year American’s spent over $66 Billion trying to lose weight. What they didn’t know is that 95% of the people who lose weight on a diet regain that weight (and more) within two years. Clearly, diets don’t work! Even the SAD (Standard American Diet) prescribed by the government can be extremely unhealthy. With all the confusion in the marketplace, achieving optimal health can seem daunting and unachievable.

Our body is miraculously designed to keep itself healthy. However, our body’s ability to do this is greatly diminished when we consume products that cause inflammation and activate our immune system to protect us. This is exactly what Big Food and Big Pharma do by providing many of the products they create today. No master plot (at least that we know of) on their part to make us sick, just a business response to consumer demand for convenient and affordable food. When the food from Big Food makes us sick, Big Pharma has a pill to fix it. The medical industry puts a Band-Aid on it and government argues about how to pay for the Band-Aid.

We aren’t “revolutionary”…or maybe just a bit…but we believe we can improve the health of America and reduce our dependence on Big Food and Big Pharma. We actually believe we can…and it’s our Vision! Whether you use our services or just want more information or you want to join the movement ( doesn’t matter to us…we just want you to help us improve America’s health. That’s how we can eradicate the Health Crisis in America…one person at a time (maybe you) and one bite at a time.

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