A Story of Love, Dedication, and Victories…LIFE…meet Marissa

Marissa HeadshotMarissa’s story is a story about life…our lives. While the specific elements are different for each of us, the story has a common thread that everyone can relate to…challenges. While some are more extreme at different times, we all have them. Watch her captivating video and hear her story.

Gaining weight, unhealthy eating, and falling away from a healthy lifestyle is usually a “result” of many of these challenges. Most people become unhealthy and gain weight not because they decided to start eating a quart of ice cream every night for the next year but because of life. Life happened and hit them with challenges that changed their normal. This leads to all kinds of results none of us intended to happen. But they did…

Marissa is no exception. Life happened. She gained some weight and stopped eating healthy because she had to deal with these challenges. Her challenges were significant – a son in the hospital with a life-threatening illness for 10 months and then a divorce. Life. And not the good part of life. She graced us with the opportunity to tell her story and capture it on video. It is vivid and from her heart…

We hear stories like Marissa’s every day at Optimal365. Life. We are all faced with challenges with different names and of different magnitudes but many end the same…unhealthy and overweight. As the famous Vince Lombardi once said, “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.” Marissa got up! She triumphed. She set an example of courage and changing her life to what she wanted…and she got it.

THANK YOU Marissa for sharing your story. It touched all of us and I know it will be an inspiration to you and many others that hear it…share it with your friends and colleagues and help someone else dealing with “Life” see there is hope and an opportunity for a great “new normal.” You can read more about her own personal SUCCESS STORY and see more videos of her telling her story.

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