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How many times have you decided to start working out…exercising…and then realized you were actually gaining weight? Relax…we have all been there. And some real issues as to why it happens to us…but it doesn’t have to be that way. I’ve been there and experienced it just as you probably have at some point. For me it was when I decided to get back into running. I always enjoyed running and decided I would get started again. I put on a few extra pounds and decided this would be a great way to kill [more]
7 Ways Meal Planning is an Act of Love
People who are healthy for life and perpetually thin have one thing in common…they take time to prepare meals for themselves. Meal planning is an act of love for both yourself and your family. It’s a statement to everyone that you’re health is worth it, and that you’re worth it. As they say, what gets planned gets done and what gets done is what changes us. A study by Cambridge University found that people who cooked at home five times per week or more were 47% more likely to add 10 years to their life. There was a [more]
BMI vs. Muscle Mass…which is a better indicator of HEALTH?
The other day one of our members came into our Optimal Resource Center and was quite distraught and confused. She was obviously bothered by something she has just heard from the people at her fitness center. When I asked what the problem was, she said, “I was just told that my BMI was out of whack and that according to their calculator I am borderline obese and need to lose almost 25 pounds. How can that be when I feel healthier than I have been in years on my Optimal Journey?” This is not uncommon…people get misled by BMI readings [more]
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