Marissa…one our clients talks openly and honestly about the BENEFITS she enjoyed while on her Journey to Optimal Health. She speaks openly and honestly about the CHANGE it made in her LIFE.

You can hear more of Marissa’s GREAT STORY by visiting her SUCCESS PAGE. Hear how her Journey started by being in the hospital for 10 months with her son and his life-threatening illness and then getting divorced. It is a story you won’t want to miss…READ MORE SUCCESS STORIES LIKE MARISSA’S.

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What the “Soft Drink Industry” would never tell you…before and after

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy an ice cold refreshing Coca Cola or some other soft drink? If you listen to (and believe) what these companies have been pushing on us for the past 75+ years there is no reason not to enjoy one, or two, or maybe several…every day!

In the early days, we were sold the idea, “if you drink Coca Cola (or others) you will be thin.” Don’t take my word for it, watch an ad from 1961 by Coca Cola…

Is that still true today? Over the years we have become the most obese country (actually we are now second, Mexico recently took over number one) in the world. Not because we produce some of the best crops in the country, but because we also produce some of the most weight causing foods in the country…such as soft drinks.

I was shocked when I heard that diet soft drinks actually cause people to gain weight. How can that be? It seems counterintuitive. I am drinking a low or no-calorie beverage, how can I end up being fatter? The answer is simpler than you might think. To help answer this, there was a great video put together on this very topic, “The Honest Coca-Cola Obesity Commercial,” check it out…

So you decide for yourself. Is the 1961 information more accurate or the 2013 parody commercial? Based on the significant increase in obesity, I think the facts now speak for themselves. Time to enjoy one of those cold refreshing beverages? If you love your soft drinks, maybe it’s time to find another way to get a quick buzz and also be refreshed at the same time without increasing your risk of obesity and all sorts of other medical issues…

We got it wrong…It isn’t about LESS, it’s about MORE

We all know the famous adage where “more is better than less” – only not when it comes to food, right? WRONG!

We have been duped by the big food manufacturers (and I use the term manufacturers literally since most of what they manufacture isn’t food at all, it is “non-food”) to believe their products are good and nutritious. This is a major contributor to why we are the most obese nation in the world. And it isn’t because we eat too much. Brainwashing at it’s best. But in their defense, they got half of it right – eating more food is actually good for you…just not THEIR food.

Have you ever wondered where the term “Yo-Yo Diet” came from? I can give you a hint…it wasn’t because it was fun – it has something to do with “up and down”. It was coined because of one simple fact…DIETS DON’T WORK…at least they aren’t sustainable. Maybe that is a better way to put it…DIETS DO WORK – THEY JUST DON’T LAST! You can certainly starve yourself into losing weight, no argument here. But when you read reports where most people will be on 10+ diets in their lifetime (most more) and end up gaining more weight than when they started, it tells you something isn’t working.

Diets by definition mean “starving your body from something.” Ask 100 people and you will get at least 98 that agree with this definition. The real question is what happens when you aren’t starving your body from these foods any longer…you gain the weight back, and usually more, and become unhealthy again. So bottom line…EATING LESS doesn’t have sustainability. Like the famous quote from Albert Einstein, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” That’s the definition for dieting.

But let’s talk about the MORE part of this discussion. Eating more of the wrong foods gives you results we already know about – obesity. But eating MORE Nutrient-dense foods (vegetables, fruit, protein foods) actually allows your body to burn more and as a result, you lose the fat you didn’t want. Sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it – eat more, lose more. But it’s the way it works in our bodies. We are designed to eat more often. And when we eat high nutrient-dense foods it causes us to burn excess fat and lose weight…FOREVER!! No more Yo-Yo issue, no more starving, no more magic pills/dust, just the right food. Our bodies were built for this and the sooner you help it get back to what it was designed to do, the healthier you will feel and become.

So this is when MORE is definitely GOOD for you. Stop starving and stop kidding yourself, the numbers and big food manufacturers are against you – you won’t win. There is just too much working against us in society for this to work any other way. Bite the bullet and you will have only one regret…WHY DIDN’T I START THIS EARLIER!! And if you apply the “Common Sense Test” to both solutions, it is pretty hands down against food manufacturers and thumbs up to nutrient-dense eating.

A Story of Love, Dedication, and Victories…LIFE…meet Marissa

Marissa HeadshotMarissa’s story is a story about life…our lives. While the specific elements are different for each of us, the story has a common thread that everyone can relate to…challenges. While some are more extreme at different times, we all have them. Watch her captivating video and hear her story.

Gaining weight, unhealthy eating, and falling away from a healthy lifestyle is usually a “result” of many of these challenges. Most people become unhealthy and gain weight not because they decided to start eating a quart of ice cream every night for the next year but because of life. Life happened and hit them with challenges that changed their normal. This leads to all kinds of results none of us intended to happen. But they did…

Marissa is no exception. Life happened. She gained some weight and stopped eating healthy because she had to deal with these challenges. Her challenges were significant – a son in the hospital with a life-threatening illness for 10 months and then a divorce. Life. And not the good part of life. She graced us with the opportunity to tell her story and capture it on video. It is vivid and from her heart…

We hear stories like Marissa’s every day at Optimal365. Life. We are all faced with challenges with different names and of different magnitudes but many end the same…unhealthy and overweight. As the famous Vince Lombardi once said, “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.” Marissa got up! She triumphed. She set an example of courage and changing her life to what she wanted…and she got it.

THANK YOU Marissa for sharing your story. It touched me and I know it will be an inspiration to you and many others that hear it…share it with your friends and colleagues and help someone else dealing with “Life” see there is hope and an opportunity for a great “new normal.” You can read more about her own personal SUCCESS STORY and see more videos of her telling her story.

Reaching for Optimal Health Every 2 – 3 Hours…

Carrie is someone who works for Optimal365 and has LIVED the story of Optimal Health we talk about with everyone. She has been on the “Journey” and knows both the process and the success that can be found by following a “common sense” program with massive support from our Health Coaches. Her story is not unusual. In fact, it is very common – especially the result of transformation. More of our clients start out by waking up and realizing they are unhealthy and overweight. This is decision time. Do you ignore it or do you do what Carrie did and “build the discipline” to change it. Read her story and you can see she made the choice to change, and what a rewarding choice she made…

In the beginning…

Carrie Big - croppedA few years back I was in a state of being big and sassy. I did not think I was really all that big but I did think I was curvy and voluptuous and pretty cute. In January of 2010, I had a wake-up call. One morning, I looked at myself in the mirror, sitting on the edge of my bed, and I saw a big fat woman sitting there. I cried. Now, I was not obese at all, but to me, my worst critic, I was.

My next day off, I went to join a gym and go talk to someone about my weight. The gym was easy for me. There was one just down the street from where I worked. However, as far as choosing who to talk with regarding my weight, that was a different kind of decision. If I tried anything for just a little while, I knew that I would not succeed. I wanted to be kept accountable for my actions every week for at least a year, up to two.

My transformation…

The biggest contributor to my transformation was the building of my discipline. Here is where I made a promise to myself to reach for optimal health every 2-3 hours. Seriously, eating several times a day is what it takes to keep the motor running, so to speak. I remember telling myself, after eating breakfast at home, to eat in between 9 AM and 10 AM. After that snack, then I would tell myself to eat in the 12 PM hour. When someone would ask me when I wanted lunch, I would respond with 12 or 12:30. Again, I told myself after eating my lunch, next time to eat is about 3 PM. That is usually right about when I got off work, and would head to the gym. I ate a small snack and then went to work-out for 1-2 hours. I did the meal planning and timing daily and I would do the gym about 3-4 times a week. After the work-out, I would head home and wait to eat for about an hour. That ends up being about 3 hours later then the afternoon snack. Now I like staying up fairly late, so I had to slip one more mini meal in there between dinner and bedtime. I would grab a fruit, which usually is sweet enough to give me that dessert feeling. I also met with my coach every week and when she asked how my week went, I would tell her everything. One thing I really liked was that my coach would ask about anything that was coming up. That sure helped me focus on foods during and around those events in my life.


OnceCarrie 1 year after weight loss - cropped you are on your way, you will need to buy new clothes, and then buy them again. I am a jeans kind of girl and as I was losing, I had to purchase new pairs of jeans and then a few months later, purchase new jeans again, that was fun. I went from a size 14 to a size 6. I also had to purge my entire closet of large or extra-large tops. One of the best days ever. One tip for you, find a good tailor and save yourself a little money that way.

My 40th Birthday…

It had been a long time since I had that healthy feeling all over my body and when I turned 40 I wanted to really celebrate being healthier. A bunch of friends of mine took me out to dinner. I had maintained the weight loss for just about a year and over that year, I met with my coach once a month.Full Body Picture in office


I love that I can show and talk about my process with our clients. When people see my past and present pictures in the office, they can hardly believe it. I want everyone to know that there is a deep understanding in me, and I hope that every person I meet and talk with will feel that understanding and be encouraged by my story. I know that I went in to great detail, but I know that some people may need to do the same thing in order to stay disciplined and keep on track. All this to say that reaching for optimal health is not a lonely road but more of an exciting journey that brings about great things in a person’s life. Experience Healthy…

The Latest “Fat Buster”…Garcinia Cambogia…Really?

Dr. Oz does it again, claiming to have yet another miracle fat buster. This time it’s called Garcinia Cambogia. It’s his latest craze since Raspberry Ketones and coffee bean extract. So is it real or is it just another hyped up weigh loss product to help make your wallet a bit lighter instead of you? Let’s examine it a bit further…

The core of the new supplement is that it comes from some special plant we never heard of before, Garcinia Cambogia. The simple goal of it is to stop the production of “new fat” so you will be able to burn “old fat” – end result is weight loss. My first common sense question would be, but what about the “good fat” our body has and needs. Can it distinguish good from bad? Can it self-select which fat cell is good and which one should be burned? If so, it is one intelligent compound. I think not…

Now the beauty of this is that it works no matter what you eat because it won’t let you store the new fat. But wait a minute. If it won’t let you store the new fat and you are flooding your body with fatty foods, carbs, and sugar, does it all get burned? Hmmm, if this was the case and you weren’t exercising your gluteus maximus off, your metabolism must be sky high. How does that work? And in addition, since you aren’t storing any of the new fat and burning the old fat, you have to add this energy to the mix so you are one energetic machine – kind of like the Energizer Bunny on steroids!

But let’s assume for a moment that this actually works. What happens when you stop taking it? Obvious answer, it stops burning your old fat and starts storing new fat and you start putting the fat right back on – where the term, ”Yo-Yo diet” came from. So this means you have to take it forever?? And if it doesn’t allow any fat, good or bad, how do you ever get the good fat your body needs? Too many unanswered questions for me…it FAILS THE COMMON SENSE TEST!

And if this logic isn’t enough, when you go to the page where Dr. Oz is telling us about it, scroll down to the bottom, the very bottom, and you will see some interesting language…

The photography on this page is a stock photography and a dramatization of results claimed by the product owner. Actual results are unknown to the owner of the website and may vary. Review the terms and conditions associated with these products before you order. This website is a marketing based website and it receives compensation for the products sold on the website. Any material representation on this website as to the products performance, efficacy nature or other central characteristics of the products is provided by the product owner and has not been independently confirmed by this website. Reference to any publication or service of any third party, domain name, trademark, trade identity, service mark, trade identity, logo, and manufacturer or otherwise does not constitute or imply its endorsement or recommendation of the products advertised herein.

WOW – now I really believe this is the real deal…maybe next time Dr. Oz!

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